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  1. Are mediums the newest wellness trend?

    Fleur Leussink has become the 'medium' to the stars. With a three-year waitlist and celebs like Emma Roberts and Lana Del Rey lining up to meet her, she is changing the way people think about life and death. Here Vogue Scandinavia heads to the afterlife to try the buzzy trend

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  2. These are the biggest wellness trends for 2022

    We’re prioritising wellbeing more than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. Meet your new allies for feeling happy and healthy

    By Fiona Embleton
  3. The 7 new wellness trends to explore this year

    From Bilateral Sound Therapy to embracing the beetroot, these are up-and-coming trends to keep an eye on this coming year

    By Matilde Wergeland
  4. A weekend of Finnish wellness in Helsinki: The definitive guide

    From a new hotel helmed by former Winter Olympian Samppa Lajunen to seasonal restaurant Nolla, Flora Vesterberg explores the hotspots to seek out for a fix of Finnish wellness in the capital

    By Flora Vesterberg
  5. Feeling the HEAT: How Sophia Lie's wellness empire is only growing

    The Norwegian model and founder of Heat shares the story behind her Stockholm wellness studio concept – and the exciting developments ahead – with Vogue Scandinavia

    By Olivia Ekelund
  6. KAP

    What is KAP? The new wellness trend to have on your radar

    Perhaps an inevitable result because of the past couple of years; spirituality and wellness have managed to dispel the 'woo woo' and become something we all value more and actually take time to explore, here we explain what it is and where you can try it in Scandinavia

    By Matilde Wergeland
  7. Lymphatic health is the next frontier in wellness, here's why it matters

    Fun fact: It was a Scandinavian man who discovered the lymphatic system. Both Swede Olof Rudbeck and Dane Thomas Bartholin independently discovered the lymphatic system in the 1600s. However, when they both realised they had made the same approximate discovery, the two naturally disagreed about...

    By Rebecca Dufour Partanen
  8. The best spas in Oslo for much needed R&R

    Whether you’re seeking out water therapy or want to detox physically and spiritually, look no further than these wellness retreats

    By Fiona Embleton
  9. “It’s a lifestyle, an entire routine in one place”: HEAT by Sophia Lie launches memberships

    Everything you need to know about HEAT's new memberships - designed to help you get into routine and reach your wellness goals

    By Olivia Ekelund
  10. Why CBD is the skincare ingredient of the moment

    CBD has moved from the wellness sphere into the skincare space. Here’s everything you need to know about the rise of ‘cannabeauty’

    By Fiona Embleton
  11. How to manifest your perfect 2024, according to an expert

    We speak to Swedish wellness maven Josefin Dahlberg to uncover how you can use manifestation to make next year the best one yet

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  12. How to ace autumn and beat the end-of-summer blues, according to wellness experts

    We may not have wanted this summer to end, but you can still prepare for a flawless fall with these expert tips

    By Matilde Wergeland
  13. Swedish model Eddie Mitsou has written the handbook that will transform your view of wellness

    “Oh, what I would have done for a handbook to help me through my moments of self-doubt,” the Los Angeles-based Swede writes in Peaches: a newly-released compendium that addresses her own prior need with 400 pages of recipes, guides and interviews

    By Clare McInerney
  14. Searching for better ways to handle stress? Here's why Danish "Saunagus" should be your new coping mechanism

    Best described as a mix of sauna, aromatherapy and interpretive dance - this unconventional Danish sauna regime is what wellness aficionados and "gus master" practitioners, including Nicolai Solberg, swear by

    By Hannah Tappin