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Are mediums the newest wellness trend?

By Marie-Claire Chappet

Photo: Victoria Zschommler

Fleur Leussink has become the 'medium' to the stars. With a three-year waitlist and celebs like Emma Roberts and Lana Del Rey lining up to meet her, she is changing the way people think about life and death. Here Vogue Scandinavia heads to the afterlife to try the buzzy trend

It was never in my plan to see a medium. It’s not my thing. Mediums, psychics, tarot – all of it seemed very dodgy-tent-at-the-carnival to me; a bit too woo-woo for my taste. Which is why it was certainly a shock to find myself last Tuesday evening in my flat, sitting on my kitchen floor, slightly weepy, wondering what the hell had just happened. Had I actually just been speaking to my late grandfather?


To make this rather odd Tuesday make sense, we need to go back a beat.

"It’s a game changer," my friend told me a few weeks ago. She had just been to see Fleur Leussink, what you might call a ‘celebrity’ medium, who reads for, among others, Emma Roberts and Lana Del Rey, and has a three-year waiting list. "Trust me, she will have you questioning everything." The friend dispensing this insight was one of the least likely people to see a medium. She doesn’t meditate or, to the best of my knowledge, even own a crystal. I think it was sheer curiosity that led her to see Leussink, but when my fellow cynical friend turned to me and said: "she changed my entire way of thinking about life and death"- I was more than a little intrigued.