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  1. Models are gathered backstage at Saks Potts AW23  show

    Exclusive: Gwyneth Paltrow was the '90s hair inspo for Saks Potts' show

    For hair stylist Cim Mahony, sleek '90s hair was the north star for the models of Saks Potts' AW23 runway. Here, Mahony gives Vogue Scandinavia a rare glimpse behind the scenes while preparing for the show

    By Josefin Forsberg
  2. Exclusive: The secret to Saks Potts' natural, ocean-slicked (and weather-proof) runway hair

    Tasked by Saks Potts with emulating the 'fresh out of the ocean' look sported by glamorous jet-setters at poolside bars, Cim Mahony takes us backstage to discover the secrets to Saks Potts' runway hair styles

    By Hannah Tappin
  3. Barbara Potts on motherhood, vintage hand-me-downs and her go-to pieces

    Barbara Potts, the Copenhagen-based cofounder of Saks Potts, shares all that has and hasn't changed for her since becoming a mother: from her creative process to her personal style

    By Liana Satenstein
  4. 4 Nordic brand founders share the intimate, outrageous stories of their first gigs in retail

    Now at the helm of coveted Scandinavian brands, the founders of Saks Potts, Eytys, Soulland and Teurn Studios take us back to their humble yet influential beginnings on the retail shop floor

    By Allyson Shiffman