Saks Potts - AW22

By Allyson Shiffman
Saks Potts aw22

Vivid colours and contrasting pieces were at the centre stage of Saks Potts' AW22 collection

Today Saks Potts took us to the opera.


Presented in the grand foyer of the Royal Danish Opera House, AW22 is a coda to the brand’s previous collection, which played on the idea of the ultimate closet – carefully tailored denim, a buttery leather trench coat, a crisp white shirt – all with a Saks Potts twist. “We’re still very much in this closet,” says co-founder Cathrine Saks (though I spoke to Saks earlier this week, I could practically credit these quotes to Barbara Potts as well – the two women seem to share some sort of hive mind). “Now we’re taking a little more risk in terms of silhouettes, shapes, colours and prints. It’s a bit more eye-catching.”

Even in the expansive, opulent opera, you can’t take your eyes off these clothes. Dainty sheer polka dot dresses are juxtaposed against exquisitely tailored leather and suede, most notably the sky blue workwear trousers. Those who miss the candy-coloured statement coats that put the brand on the map will be delighted by the snakeskin story – shiny-coated leather pieces with a slim '90s silhouette. “We see it a little bit as this airport where people are coming and going from different places and everyone has a purpose and dresses differently,” says Saks.

Did we mention Erin Wasson opened the show? Who says the opera can’t be fun.

See the full collection below: