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  1. “We don’t have any rules”: Enter the sexy sequined fantasy of Rotate

    We all have that one friend. Effortless and over-the-top, always up for anything. The one most likely to know where the afterparty is. Applied to the sometimes self-serious fashion world – in the Nordics, especially – that friend is Copenhagen-based label Rotate Birger Christensen. Fittingly, it’s...

    By Clare McInerney
  2. The 10 Scandi runway looks we're hoping to see in 'Emily in Paris'

    As we're waiting for Emily in Paris to conquer our screens and spare time yet again, here, Vogue Scandinavia lists the looks from Nordic designers that we're yearning for Emily to wear

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  3. Thora Valdimars' beauty shelfies: "Beauty ideals have changed dramatically"

    She's the Danish stylist-turned-designer who always makes headlines for her chic street style. Here Thora Valdimars, co-founder and creative director of Rotate Birger Christensen, reveals the positive influence of social media on beauty ideals, how stress impacts her hair and her ultimate mascara...

    By Fiona Embleton