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    Cecilie Bahnsen on dressing modern bride Nuria Val and her bridesmaid baby

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    Under the Tuscan sun: Freja Kirk and Sus Wilkins opted for Jacquemus and Babett for their Italian wedding

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    10 celebrity weddings through the ages to inspire brides-to-be

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    The 20 best dresses to invest in for this summer's weddings

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    The Vogue Scandinavia guide to planning your wedding, month-by-month

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    How to celebrate the winter wedding of your dreams

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    “It all felt like a dream”: Behind the scenes of Jennifer Åkerman and Tom Payne's wedding

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  8. byTimo
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    Flower power: The mother-daughter pair bringing ByTimo into full bloom

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    From flower vaults to Italian dining – this was a stylish Stockholm wedding with a difference

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    Say oui to the dress: Camilla Åstrand and Christopher Bastin's intimate inner-city nuptials

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    9 of the most popular wedding gifts from Svenskt Tenn

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    Ása Steinars' Wedding Diaries, part 4: The wedding week

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    "It turned out to be breathtaking": Julie Visnes on her idyllic Thailand wedding to Camilla Lorentzen

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    Ása Steinars' Wedding Diaries, part 3: Final preparations

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    Romantic and timeless, these are all the beauty secrets behind Frida Aasen’s Portofino wedding look

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    “Tommy’s speech had everyone teary-eyed”: Norwegian supermodel Frida Aasen on having the Portofino wedding of her dreams

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    This bride wore not one, but two Oscar de la Renta gowns for her Swedish-Persian wedding in London

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    Tomas and Miisa Grekov cement their rom-com love story with a breath-taking Finnish wedding

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    In need of a wedding guest dress? Scandinavian designers have you covered

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    I married myself - and this is what I wore

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    Let the couture shows inspire your wedding updo

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