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  1. These 7 brands are taking the step towards more inclusive footwear

    As a long-term partner of Helsinki Pride, retail platform Zalando has launched a line-up of designer footwear in a greater range of sizes. From Holzweiler to Eckhaus Latta, we catch up with the seven buzzy brands leading the charge

    By Clare McInerney
  2. A lookback at the most inclusive, gender fluid moments at Copenhagen Fashion Week

    Vogue Scandinavia's gender fluidity expert rounds up the most pioneering moments of inclusivity seen at Copenhagen this season

    By Mikko Puttonen
  3. Lovisa Josefsson

    “Fashion should represent society, and today, society is more inclusive": Lovisa Josefsson is a model activist

    “What if someone that isn’t disabled gets inspired by me? By the clothes I’m wearing or the fact that I dared to do this. That would be huge.” Lovisa Josefsson knows fashion can make a difference, if only it’s willing to try. On the occasion of her very first photoshoot – for Vogue, no less – the...

    By Jennifer Nilsson
  4. Cherrie stuns alongside Alicia Keys in Bridgerton orchestral performance

    Swedish-Somali singer and songwriter Cherrie took part in the barrier-breaking performance, featuring a 70-plus piece orchestra made up entirely of women of colour

    By Olivia Ekelund
  5. Intimacy exhibition

    A new generation of gender inclusive designers on the future of Finnish fashion

    Over the last decade, the fashion scene in Finland has seen a significant shift towards technology and inclusivity. Our Gender Fluidity expert, Mikko Puttonen, explores this ten-year-long transition at Helsinki Design museum's new exhibition 'Intimacy'

    By Mikko Puttonen
  6. How the incredible search for her dad led to Simone Drost's career as a casting director

    “It’s about characters, diversity, people that others can relate to." Casting director Simone Drost illustrates her journey to becoming one of Scandinavia's most sought after scouts

    By Mona M. Ali
  7. "Belly rolls and crooked teeth are what makes people beautiful": Photographer Petra Kleis on true inclusion

    “I feel a lot of responsibility as a fashion photographer. I want to include everyone, across the spectrum of size, race, gender and background in my photos”

    By Sidsel Bjornseth
  8. Eliza reid

    Eliza Reid, the First Lady of Iceland, on the bizarre reality of being "somebody's human accessory"

    Eliza Reid went from small farming town outside of Ottawa, Canada, to First Lady of Iceland. And in the process decided to she wanted to have something to say rather than be seen as "somebody's wife". So since 2016, she has been talking about everything from “stigma-free sexuality” to “claiming the...

    By Mosha Lundström Halbert