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3 Scandi tastemakers on what their hijab means to them

By Mona M. Ali
4 Scandi hijab women empowerment

Photo: Stephanie Geddes

Three muslim women share why they are proud to don their headscarf

The fashion industry has made certain inroads into showcasing and celebrating diverse talent, including hijabi models, in recent years. You’ll of course remember the trailblazing Muslim supermodel, Halima Aden, who became the first hijab-wearing model to feature on a cover of Vogue magazine. But how far has the industry actually come in confronting real progress, beyond the diversity quotas and inclusive hires?

I used to wear a hijab for over 10 years growing up. My family wanted me to feel proud of my religion and culture, but it was hard when you immigrate to a country and feel like you have to adapt to fit in. For years I was bullied for covering my hair with a hijab, many children used to call it a rag and some even thought I had no hair underneath it. After many years of struggle, I decided to remove it because I felt like It was too painful and until recently I’m learning to find love for it again.

There are a lot of opinions about women’s bodies these days in our current society, including what we can and can’t do, along with what we should and shouldn’t wear. Not all women who wear Hijab are oppressed, but by making a law to ban the hijab is actually worse, it’s stripping the right for the women to choose for herself. We are all beautiful in our own way and acceptance is the way forward to live in a better world.

Here, we speak to three other members of the Scandinavian style set, Amina Adan, Imane Asry and Yasmin Demir, on the hopes they share for the industry, how wearing their hijab empowers them on the daily, and the challenges they’ve faced inside, and out of, the fashion industry.

4 Scandi hijab women empowerment

Photo: Photographer: Stephanie Geddes Jacket, worn underneath, €280. Won Hundred. Denim dress Rabens Saloner. Trousers, worn underneath, €120. Samsøe Samsøe. Hijab, €13. Lina Abaya.

4 Scandi hijab women empowerment

Photo: Stephanie Geddes

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