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  1. the Danish Girl

    All the times Alicia Vikander proved she is the Greta Garbo of our time

    From the alluring enigma surrounded by both of the women to their outstanding performances on the silver screen, here Vogue Scandinavia charts all the similarities between the two Swedish stars

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  2. Nostalgic Nordic beauty moments from the past to inspire your 2024 look

    There is a constant cyclical nature to trends, and beauty is no exception. Looking ahead to 2024, there are undeniable parallels with the past: From the perennial allure of Greta Garbo's classic bob to Anna Karina's bewitching gaze. Here, we rev-up to revive the legendary looks of Nordic style...

    By Josefin Forsberg
  3. Alicia Vikander and Martina Bonnier

    Letter from the editor: "She reminds me of Greta Garbo, for her serene beauty, yes, but most of all for her air of integrity"

    In Vogue Scandinavia's June-July issue, editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier welcomes the future and ponder the similarities of Alicia Vikander and Greta Garbo

    By Martina Bonnier
  4. Feast the eyes: 10 of the most beautiful Scandinavian movies ever made

    From charming melodramas to alluring biopics, Vogue Scandinavia charts the region's most eye-wateringly evocative films

    By Sophie Axon
  5. 19 Scandinavian icons to channel this Halloween

    Be inspired by these Nordic legends this spooky season

    By Doris Daga
  6. Everything that’s happened since Greta Thunberg took the stand

    The voice of a generation, Greta Thunberg's efforts in spreading awareness and encouraging others to join the fight against climate change have been unparalleled – but what's happened since she began her school strikes? We take a look back

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  7. Borrowed from the boys: Street stylers suit up for summer

    A broad-shouldered power blazer was the must-have item for those rushing between resort shows and hopping through Haute Couture

    By Josefin Forsberg
  8. “Great people, great music, lots of dancing”: Ganni & Soho House celebrate Copenhagen House’s new mentorship programme

    Step inside Soho House Copenhagen as we speak to Ganni's Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup about the newly launched programme, and the importance of supporting young creative talent

    By Allyson Shiffman
  9. Bare faced beauty

    3 tips for looking great without makeup

    Your beauty birthday suit is nothing to be ashamed of, here Vogue Scandinavia explores three ways to boost your confidence in going bare-faced

    By Josefin Forsberg