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3 tips for looking great without makeup

By Josefin Forsberg
Bare faced beauty

Photo: Getty

Your beauty birthday suit is nothing to be ashamed of, here Vogue Scandinavia explores three ways to boost your confidence in going bare-faced

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After a decade defined by Kardashian – endorsed contour kits and full-coverage foundations, skin that looks like skin is finally in. Having spent the last year only reaching for our makeup on special occasions (Zoom anyone?), we’ve grown used to seeing our bare faces in all of their natural glory. Being makeup-free is the mood of the moment, but for some, the idea of going bare-faced is a cause for concern.

While moisture lays the groundwork for feeling fantastic without makeup, this article focuses on the often forgotten fixes that make all the difference when going make-up free. These are the tips and tricks that go beyond lotions and potions to adopt a carefree approach to cosmetics (or really, venturing to avoid them) and feeling completely comfortable going bare-faced.