Bare-faced beauty: This is how to look great without makeup

By Josefin Forsberg

Bare faced beauty

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Your beauty birthday suit is nothing to be ashamed of

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After a decade defined by Kardashian – endorsed contour kits and full-coverage foundations, skin that looks like skin is finally in. Having spent the last year only reaching for our makeup on special occasions (Zoom anyone?), we’ve grown used to seeing our bare faces in all of their natural glory. Being makeup-free is the mood of the moment, but for some, the idea of going bare-faced is a cause for concern.

While moisture lays the groundwork for feeling fantastic without makeup, this article focuses on the often forgotten fixes that make all the difference when going make-up free. These are the tips and tricks that go beyond lotions and potions to adopt a carefree approach to cosmetics (or really, venturing to avoid them) and feeling completely comfortable going bare-faced.

Bushed up brows and lifted lashes

Revitalash Advances Eyelash Conditioner.jpg
Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner


Swati Cosmetics Tourmaline.jpeg
Tourmaline Lash + Brow Serum

Swati Cosmetics

Swiss Clinic Eyelash Serum.jpg
Eyelash Serum

Swiss Clinic


If the eyes indeed are the window to the soul, brows and lashes make for some fabulous shutters. On an otherwise bare face, brows and lashes tend to be the centre of attention and make for the most noticeable difference. A specialist in the subject, Stockholm-based celebrity makeup artist Jenny Fred, suggests a tint and a pluck – preferably performed by a professional. “When I work on a client, I consider all factors, the tone of the colours – just like a hairdresser would – and the shape of the eye and brow,” she explains. To maintain your new face-framing features, reach for a keratin serum like Revitalash to help your hairs grow longer and stronger.

A Gua Sha glow

Hayo'u Gua Sha.jpg
Jade Beauty Restorer


Lanshin Gua Sha.jpg
Pro Gua Sha Tool - Nephrite Jade


Nuori Facial Oil.png
Perfecting Facial Oil



Best explained as a hands-on mix of massage and exercise; the Gua Sha has become the darling doyenne of beauty tools over the last year. Often used in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua (meaning press or stroke) Sha (referring to redness ) helps create supple, glowing skin. By releasing tension, draining puffiness, and creating a controlled trauma – inducing the nominal rosy flush – the skin then starts to repair itself by producing new collagen. When scraping the flat, rounded tool over your face, it is essential always to involve water or oil. Never use it on bare skin, and never run it over broken skin or acne breakouts.

Wonderful volume

Maria Akerberg Hair Spray.png
Hair Spray

Maria Akerberg

Sachajuan Root Lift.jpg
Root Lift


LA Bruket Hair Mist.jpg
Hair Mist

L:A Bruket


One of the most coveted aspects of Scandinavian beauty is luscious locks with seemingly endless volume – and it is the perfect way to look and feel more polished. As with everything, a good diet and regular haircare routine are essential to ensure shiny, healthy hair. However, there are some quick fixes to a flawless mane. Dry shampoo is truly the lazy girl’s best friend. Not only does it help soak up excess oils to extend the life of your latest wash, but the powder helps texturise the roots to pump up the volume. When paired with a hot round brush and a finishing shine spray, bouncy, beautiful hair is assured.

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