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The 10 best Scandinavian style icons of all time

By Linnéa Pesonen
Britt Ekland

Photo: Getty

From Hollywood actresses to Olympic champions, we look at the most pivotal Nordic women in Scandinavia's sartorial history

Even though the Scandinavian style of today is multi-dimensional, it is still very much distinguishable and a way of dressing admired and donned by women around the world. Although we still love our monochromatic minimalism and can claim to be the masters of layering the comfiest basics with the cosiest knits and sharp jackets, the Scandi style has evolved to embracing much more. Examining the Nordic fashion weeks each year, we increasingly witness experimentation with loud prints, bright colours and stunning patterns that are mixed and matched while keeping the effortless yet sophisticated style intact.


What we yearn to wear is often a rendition of what the major fashion players of the moment are sporting, and thinking of the current style set, a myriad of trend-setting influencers and big league models may spring to mind. However, to explore the roots of the Nordic way of dressing in terms of the trailblazers of trends, we look at the icons who have inspired women across the globe and shaped the smart sartorial sense that we possess today.