Greta the Great

Podcast: Greta Thunberg wants less talking and more action

By Vogue Scandinavia

Photo: Alexandrov Klum

Tune in to Vogue Scandinavia’s podcast for an exclusive chat with the climate activist and cover star

Greta Thunberg graced the cover of Vogue Scandinavia’s very first issue back in August. While some said it was a controversial choice of cover star, Greta and the magazine share the same values in promoting ethical consumption and sustainable living.

For Greta, she believes change comes from the bottom up – we are all responsible for the difference the world desperately needs. “We no longer have time,” Greta says of the climate emergency. “We need to do everything we possibly can. There is no magic silver bullet. The silver bullet is made up of small and little actions as well as big ones.” At Vogue Scandinavia, we hope that by giving her a platform, it’ll go a small way in helping people make more sustainable choices and a difference in their lifestyle.

In an exclusive chat with podcast Vogue Scandinavia Sounds, the activist, and cover star outline what we need to do to create a sustainable future before it's too late.

Listen to it right here: