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  1. Doris Daga in Blossom Bucket hat by Emma Brewin

    Vogue Sound: Listen to the curated soundtrack of Vogue Scandinavia's Issue 2

    "The second the cover was revealed, only one song came to mind: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game" Our music expert creates a soundtrack you will want to listen to all October long

    By Doris Daga
  2. YSL Zoe Kravitz

    Zoë Kravitz on her upcoming directorial debut, her YSL lipstick collection and the one piece of clothing she banned Channing Tatum wearing

    From playing a vinyl nerd to Catwoman, Zoë Kravitz’s roles are as versatile as her many looks, in Issue 2 of Vogue Scandinavia she talks about building a career as eclectic as her style

    By Josefin Forsberg
  3. "Makeup isn't just about lipsticks or eyeshadows, it's about expressions": Linda Hallberg on the art of beauty

    As part of Vogue Scandinavia's Ode to the Beauty Artist series, we shine a light on the beauty teams behind the scene of our shoots and films. We speak to the pigment goddess herself, Linda Hallberg

    By Fiona Embleton
  4. Finnish athlete Awak Kuier is breaking basketball boundaries

    In Vogue Scandinavia's October-November issue we explored a trio of talented athletes from the Nordics, here Awak Kuier tells us what it's like to be the first ever Finnish woman to play in the WNBA

    By Josefin Forsberg
  5. The best of both worlds: Tove Styrke wears Vogue Scandinavia's custom Rave Review gown

    Tove Styrke makes a fabulous case for sustainable fashion during the performance of her new single Show Me Love, wearing the custom Rave Review gown from our October-November 2021 issue

    By Doris Daga
  6. "I see myself as an architect": Johan Hellström on creating a signature hair look

    As part of Vogue Scandinavia's Ode to the Beauty Artist series, we shine a light on the beauty teams behind the scene of our shoots and films. To kick it off, we chat to the hair master himself, Johan Hellström

    By Fiona Embleton
  7. Constance Tenvik

    Artist Constance Tenvik has built a career creating complex mystical puzzles

    The nomadic Norwegian artist has travelled the world, capturing local details in art, fashion and film. And her dancing on social media is almost as lively as her paintings

    By Saskia Neuman
  8. Chanel necklace jewellery diamonds

    Ice ice baby: The 5 most breathtaking haute joaillerie necklaces

    Danish jewellery expert Nina Hald heralds the jewellery masterpieces of late, which will inspire for years to come

    By Nina Hald
  9. The Midas Retouch: Does Norway's new law signal the end of influencer photoshopping?

    While retouching was once an acquired skill, these days editing your way to so-called perfection is as easy as a tap and a swipe. But with a new photo editing law in Norway and more and more influencers opting to go au naturel, has the retouching reckoning begun?

    By Allyson Shiffman