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"Makeup isn't just about lipsticks or eyeshadows, it's about expressions": Linda Hallberg on the art of beauty

By Fiona Embleton

Photo: Linda Hallberg

As part of Vogue Scandinavia's Ode to the Beauty Artist series, we shine a light on the beauty teams behind the scene of our shoots and films. We speak to the pigment goddess herself, Linda Hallberg

She’s an acclaimed Swedish make-up artist, founder of the award-winning brand LH Cosmetics and has worked with some of the biggest artists in Sweden. She is also on every beauty editor’s speed dial for creating breathtaking editorial shoots and movies such as our Shapeshifter or A Tale of Stockholm.


Here Linda Hallberg speaks to Vogue Scandinavia about what keeps her creatively inspired…

Do you see yourself as an artist?

I would definitely say that I see myself as an artist. I have been into art, drawing and painting since I was little. I see make-up, hair and nails as art forms. Together they create a different piece of art every time. To be able to create something on a human canvas is a beautiful thing. First, you have an idea. Then you meet the person and the idea changes because of a specific mood or simply their character. Make-up for me isn’t just lipstick on the lips or an eyeliner on the eyes, it’s about expression, feelings and mood. Like many artists, I paint my best pieces when I’m in a specific mood. I see make-up as colours to play with and people as my canvases.

Growing up, what informed your idea of beauty?

I grew up in a small town. The only place you could get make-up was at the grocery store where they basically had five shades of beige foundation, a mascara and maybe some kind of frosty baby blue eyeshadow. It was important not to stand out or be different. I
never liked the typical ‘trends’ back then and they never felt right for me. When it was time for Halloween, though, and I could dress up like an emo-punk-rocker, that’s when I felt like I was home! But sadly I was never brave enough to stand out and fully be me when I was growing up. 

Photo: Linda Hallberg