Vogue Sound: Listen to the curated soundtrack of Vogue Scandinavia's Issue 2

By Doris Daga

"The second the cover was revealed, only one song came to mind: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game" Our music expert creates a soundtrack you will want to listen to all October long

Helena Christensen graces the cover of the second issue of Vogue Scandinavia. It is the iconic Danish supermodel's 18th cover in her three-decade long career. As our latest edition of the magazine was unveiled, only one song came to mind: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. For only Christensen, on a beach with messy, salt-dusted locks, can echo the sound of that hauntingly, beautiful guitar.


With the first song in tact, the rest of the soundtrack appeared, not necessarily with one song for each page, but rather to capture the issue in its whole. From up-and-coming trends which only allow for up-and-coming artists, to the 1980s running throughout, both in sportswear and in the shadow work of Sølve Sundsbø. Snoh Aalegra's profile takes us back to pop stars past, and a poisonously delectable meal presents the best in skincare right now — a banquet even Marie Antoinette would attend herself.

Vogue Scandinavia

Helena Christensen - Issue 2


There was something about infusing bright, pop synths and earthy 1960s tracks, with bright-and-shiny 21st century productions. To me, it shows the shift in the way that music speaks to our souls, and the way sound can reflect the progression of our society. Instruments made from steel, wood, and natural elements capture our attention due to their grounding in nature— in the earth. Whereas, synthesisers and electrophones at large, are a development with our society, reminding us of our adoption of technology into every aspect of our life. When the two come together, I think, reflects the modern human condition, sonically.

As the world begins to pick up again, slowly but surely, I find comfort in looking back at music that we know and love, and maybe some gems that we’ve forgotten. It feels safe that these songs persevered through struggles of their own times, and still ring true in the modern day. Our task now, however, is to look forward to the bright young things shaping the way we will understand this time, and it’s aftermath. The soundtrack ends with We Fell in Love in October by Girl in Red, because we fell in love with this issue and it’s many stories and pages, well, in October.

Listen to the curated soundtrack of Issue 2 here: