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  1. A wardrobe audit is just what you need to start 2023 right

    A thorough go-through of your wardrobe may sound daunting, but as these fashion experts explain, it can be a cathartic, surprisingly fun way to revamp your look and make a (sustainable) splash in the New Year

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  2. How I Got Here with content creator Paolla da Silva: "Go out and show the world what you have"

    From designing and selling her clothes to creating digital content, here’s the story of Oslo-based creative Paolla da Silva

    By Sophie Axon
  3. “I store some of my clothes in my kitchen – you have to be creative”: Emma Flava on getting clever with her closet

    The singer gives us a sneaky look into her Copenhagen wardrobe and we can't look away

    By Anna Clarke
  4. Partnership

    “If you run, you’re a runner” – This is how New Balance is removing the hurdles to getting into running

    From producing the best all-round running shoe to supporting Scandinavian runners, New Balance is here to make a runner of everyone

    By Josefin Forsberg
  5. Clothes rail

    Borrowing is the future of fashion: These are the rental platforms leading the way

    Swedish start-ups Gemme Collective and Re:Leased, along with the region’s most popular brands are going cyclical when it comes to clothing

    By Allyson Shiffman
  6. 5 ways to get rid of your old clothes responsibly this January

    As January marks a season of new beginnings, it becomes an opportune time for a wardrobe refresh. Below, a step by step to on how to rejig your closet rotation responsibly

    By Emily Chan
  7. Closet Care: How to get rid of makeup stains from your clothes

    We are happy to inform that a smudge of foundation on your collar need not ruin your day. Here, we compile the best tricks on how to get rid of the stains that inevitably appear at the most inopportune times

    By Sofia Ferreira
  8. Help! I’m a serial clothes hoarder. Here’s why it’s bad for the planet

    In a resolution from 2024, the role of each garment is emphasised in creating a more sustainable and circular future.

    By Emily Chan