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  1. Vogue Scandinavia Sounds: The curated soundtrack of Issue 8

    With a new issue, comes a whole new playlist to put on a loop. Listen here to the curated soundtrack of Vogue Scandinavia's October - November issue.

    By Doris Daga
  2. Body beautiful: When searching for your next lingerie, challenge the form

    We slip into lingerie – slinky and sexy, stringy and stretchy – to celebrate each and every form. In this exclusive editorial from Issue 8 of Vogue Scandinavia, rising photographer Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen captures the innate beauty of the body-ody-ody

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  3. Take an exclusive look inside the studios of these 8 young Nordic design talents

    Partnering with Alpha, the design talent incubator formerly known as Designers' Nest, Vogue Scandinavia documents its visits to some of the Nordic's most exciting up-and-coming designers

    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. 7 stylish must-try spots for after-work drinks in Helsinki

    From tucked-away cocktail bars to buzzing terraces, discover ambient after-work spots to unwind in the Finnish capital that have gotten the Vogue Scandinavia's stamp of approval

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  5. “I thought he was one of those guys who has an obsession with red hair”: Sylvia Flote on meeting her prince charming

    Sylvia Flote’s life looks quite like a fairy tale. Married to The Honourable Sigmund Oakeshott, the Norwegian model-turned-actress leads a magical British existence, complete with countryside estate and adorable child. Ellen von Unwerth captures the couple in scenes fit for a storybook

    By Natalie Salmon
  6. Get to know the Norwegian glassware designers bringing an ancient craft into the contemporary

    Norwegian Hadeland Glassverk is not only the oldest glass producer in the country, but also the longest-standing Norwegian industrial company of any kind

    By Allyson Shiffman
  7. Glenn Ringtved pens a modern fairytale in this exclusive story for Vogue Scandinavia

    The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen live rent free in our collective consciousness. To pay tribute to the Danish literary legend, we invite Denmark’s current children’s literature superstar Glenn Ringtved to write an original modern fairy tale - Titania's Palace - moral of the story included

    By Glenn Ringtved
  8. This season’s sartorial mysticism is all about earthy delights

    We find an ethereal being – her long golden hair, her porcelain skin, endless light dancing off soft metallic shadows – against the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. Heavy knits, romantic blouses and exploding tulle give way to a bit of magic, right here in the Nordics

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  9. Watch: The Swedish designer hand knitting fashion’s greatest icons

    Get to know Stockholm-based knitter Erica Laurell Hedberg who has crafted everyone from Björk, Patti Smith and even our very own Martina Bonnier

    By Anna Clarke
  10. “A spoonful of Lurpak is just as enjoyable as a good piece of chocolate”: Meet Denmark’s professional butter tasters

    Tangy, salty and melt-in-your-mouth, few foods are more purely pleasurable than butter. And it’s a food that Denmark takes very seriously. For over 100 years, Danes have been churning out quality-controlled spreadable gold, while at the country’s finest restaurants, top chefs have vied to concoct...

    By Lars Roest-Madsen
  11. “I wanted to bridge past and present”: The Dreamer’s costume designer talks dressing Karen Blixen

    The costumes in new ViaPlay series the Dreamer, which celebrates the life of Danish author Karen Blixen, are all about honouring the '30s, yet remaining relevant for today’s young audience. Catherine Marchand explains how strolling the streets of Copenhagen and wandering around the city's Karen...

    By Gabriele Dellisanti
  12. Queen Elizabeth II Has Died

    The UK's longest-serving monarch has died at Balmoral aged 96

  13. Sylvia Flote's beauty shelfies: "Makeup is a superpower for me"

    Take a peek into the beauty cabinet of Norwegian-born model Sylvia Flote, as featured on the pages of Vogue Scandinavia's Issue 8, as she chats to us about the miracle of lash serums, retinol for acne and seasonal blusher

    By Fiona Embleton
  14. “We didn’t even see the inside before signing the papers”: Celine Aagaard takes us on a tour of her humble Norwegian hytte

    Dotting mountainsides, sprinkled through ancient forests, and peppering the coast, ‘hytter’ are a pertinent part of Norwegian leisure culture. Once a simple abode fashioned for farming and functionality, these countryside cabins have transcended their ascetic pasts and transformed into holiday...

    By Josefin Forsberg