Beauty shelfies

  1. Beauty

    Roger Dupé's beauty shelfies: "My mum gave me a lot of confidence"

    By Sam Freeman
  2. Beauty

    Gucci Westman's beauty shelfies: "Get out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries and accept yourself for all of who you are."

    By Fiona Embleton
  3. Beauty

    Susanne Manasi's beauty shelfies: "The focus of my skincare routine is to keep the skin microbiome intact."

    By Fiona Embleton
  4. Beauty

    Ellie Goulding's beauty shelfies: "I am always having my photo taken, so my priority is to make sure my skin looks hydrated and fresh"

    By Fiona Embleton
  5. Beauty / Society

    Henrietta Rix's beauty shelfies: "I don’t wear much makeup, so having a good beauty routine is essential"

    By Fiona Embleton
  6. Beauty

    Ellen af Petersens' beauty shelfies: "I have to be creative in my work, so balance is key"

    By Fiona Embleton
  7. Beauty

    Caroline Winberg's beauty shelfies: "As long as your skin looks great you can rock any look"

    By Fiona Embleton
  8. Beauty

    Thora Valdimars' beauty shelfies: "Beauty ideals have changed dramatically"

    By Fiona Embleton
  9. Beauty

    Johan Hellström's beauty shelfies: "Taking care of myself from within radiates out, making my skin and hair look even better"

    By Fiona Embleton
  10. Beauty selfie
    Beauty / Society

    Anissa Kermiche's beauty shelfies: "My skin rashes were so brutal that I had to pay attention to my wellness"

    By Fiona Embleton
  11. Beauty / Society

    Hanna MW's beauty shelfies: "I love to match different scents to places and moods"

    By Fiona Embleton
  12. Beauty

    Sylvia Flote's beauty shelfies: "Makeup is a superpower for me"

    By Fiona Embleton
  13. Beauty / Society

    Hanni Gohr's beauty shelfies: “I like my dark circles – they’re a feature rather than an imperfection"

    By Fiona Embleton
  14. Beauty

    Sophie Bille Brahe's beauty shelfies: "Remember to treat yourself, a little self-care goes a long way"

    By Fiona Embleton