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  1. Food for thought: All the new food trends to watch out for this year

    We've seen the future of food and it looks bright...

    By Signe Wulff
  2. eat it up

    The 3 major food trends shaping Scandinavian dining in 2022

    As we look to move beyond Covid-induced comfort food cravings, this is the future of food and what you will be eating this year

    By Sofia Henriksson
  3. South Greenlandic soul food with fish and wine arranged on a table in the sunshine

    Greenland gastronomy: Your guide to the wildest food in the world

    Welcome to Greenland, where whale, urchins and musk ox are regulars on the increasingly sophisticated menu. Meet the new generation of chefs turning back to tradition

    By Laura Hall
  4. With a single ingredient, artist Carsten Höller’s restaurant makes brutally delicious food

    Famed German artist Carsten Höller’s latest work is not an awe-inspiring installation at an acclaimed gallery, but rather an unassuming restaurant in central Stockholm. At Brutalisten, you won’t find complex, decorative fine dining. Instead, the acclaimed Brussels-born, Stockholm-based artist is...

    By Saskia Neuman
  5. Why 'eating' your water is the best way to hydrate skin from the inside out

    The colder months signal the onslaught of dull, dry skin... While switching to a good moisturiser will help, so can 'water-rich' foods

    By Fiona Embleton
  6. Get to know the Stars du Nord festival – Michelin-quality food under the dazzling Northern Lights

    A gastronomy festival in Swedish Lapland brings together star Scandinavian chefs highlighting the Nordic food model as a world leader in sustainability. Our food writer, who spent the evening nestled in the middle of the forest sampling the 10-star Michelin tasting menu, shares how she got on...

    By Signe Wulff
  7. Why 'bacteria' can actually be good for your skin

    Bacteria sounds bad, but it may be exactly what your dry or sensitive skin is crying out for... Here’s what probiotics and a biome-based skincare regime can do for you

    By Fiona Embleton
  8. Merging with nature part 1 I

    7 Scandinavian superfoods to know and eat

    From berries to fungi, Scandinavian nature has a plentiful bounty of healthy foods that can do you a world of good. Here are the ones to know and what to do with them

    By Matilde Wergeland
  9. Womensync

    Addicted to caffeine? Why you should try this alternative roast instead

    Chicca Roast is the calming herb-based coffee substitute that is quickly taking off in Scandinavia. Here's what you need to know

    By Matilde Wergeland
  10. A beginner's guide to foraging – from what to find and when

    Scandinavian nature is full of edible delights ready to be enjoyed. And when you become familiar with growing places and seasons, you’ll rarely come home empty-handed

    By Signe Wulff