Wood Wood - AW23

By Clare McInerney

"There’s this not too serious perspective," says Wood Wood's womenswear designer Cecilie Engberg

Rave culture has always reverberated with a sense of community, the thrumming, dimly-lit environment for connection and self expression. It's this sense of unity of the subculture that has played into Wood Wood's DNA since its beginnings – but it was the very clear starting point for autumn/winter 2023, as the brand emulated an underground rave of its own within the concrete labyrinth of Simian exhibition space in Copenhagen.


Titled 'Heaven Out Here', womenswear designer Cecilie Engberg notes the homage to the club "came out in the colour scheme and the prints" of the collection. "We chose quite bright colours: if you're in a dark space, the stronger colours pop." Emerging from a luminous central structure into the smoky room, nonchalant shearling-trimmed looks and subversive, layered suiting gave way – after the club's coat check of course – to a more skin-baring line up with a figure-hugging dress and deep-cut bodysuit.

"Mixing tailored pieces with tech fabric is how I see a lot of people dress, blending different categories of clothing," Engberg tells Vogue Scandinavia ahead of the show. "For the women's collection, I've focused on creating a wardrobe that's contemporary, there's this not too serious perspective. It's about looking at the archetypes of the garments that you already have in your wardrobe and how they can be reinterpreted with minor twists in detailing." Engberg's introduction of more fluid fabrics and feminine silhouettes this season came from a place of reflection on the female body: "I was thinking a lot about how we could include different types of bodies, the fit should be impeccable."

See the full collection below:

Wood Wood - AW23