Wood Wood – AW24

By Linnéa Pesonen

With its autumn/winter ‘24 collection, creative directors Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovic usher in a new era for Wood Wood

For Wood Wood’s autumn/winter ‘24 showcase, creative directors Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovic looked close to their new home in the Nordics. “Being new to Wood Wood and being new to Copenhagen, the biggest inspiration was obviously going to be our impressions of the city and, more precisely, our impressions of the 20-year archive of the brand,” explains Taylor.

Aptly dubbed ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’, the AW24 collection is heavily influenced by the Danish capital’s rich cultural history, specifically the iconic sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and his contribution to the city and the art world at large. Naturally, it was only fitting for this season’s spectacle to be held at the Thorvaldsens Museum in the middle of bustling Copenhagen. Today’s show carries extra significance for Wood Wood, as it marks the beginning of the brand’s six-month artist residency at the museum — the first-ever for a fashion label.

The content on Wood Wood’s mood board for this season was “unexpected”, as the creative directors found themselves gravitating towards the '70s. “From Taxi Driver to Studio 54, the New York Dolls and Yves Saint Laurent, the decade just seemed to resonate,” says Taylor. “We felt certain parallels with our current times – the anxiety, the decadence, the tales of political and institutional corruption, but also the raw energy and creativity.”

Most prominently, the ‘70s feeling shines through in the collection’s colour palette, where warm browns and muted chartreuse are reminiscent of the boho style that held sway throughout the decade. Fabric choices lean into era-appropriate textures with trousers, dresses, and co-ord sets crafted from sumptuous velvet and corduroy. As a nod to surrounding Thorvaldsens Museum, swathes of striking cobalt blue – derived from the building’s starry sky ceiling – appear on a bevvy of garments. “These contrasting elements, the midnight sky and the golden texture felt very Scandinavian somehow,” muses Taylor. “The long-night winters and the thirst for sunshine which in Danish is called ‘solskin’ — a sibilant word that plays beautifully in the mouth.”

This season, unlike the brand’s previous offerings, introduces a more fitted silhouette – a conscious choice made by Taylor and Aganovic. The new, streamlined cuts and shapes elicit an exciting blend of sport and elegance, presenting “a new Wood Wood identity” for its customer base. The cherry on top? The sneakers, created in collaboration with Asics, which are bound to end up on many a wish list.

See the full Wood Wood AW24 collection below: