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  1. Closet Care: How to get rid of makeup stains from your clothes

    We are happy to inform that a smudge of foundation on your collar need not ruin your day. Here, we compile the best tricks on how to get rid of the stains that inevitably appear at the most inopportune times

    By Sofia Ferreira
  2. Closet care: This is how to wash your vintage pieces, according to experts

    Speaking to four vintage store owners, we get the low-down on how to be the best care for our pre-loved accessories and second-hand clothes

    By Josefin Forsberg
  3. Envelope sleepers

    The rise of the basic: Experts weigh in on why today’s trends are all about closet staples

    Gone are the days of fashion for fashion’s sake. Below, we explore how basics have become trendy

    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. These are the 5 Norwegian accessory brands you need to know

    As Oslo Runway 2022 came to a close, our accessory expert set out to highlight the shoe and handbag brands that are currently dominating the Norwegian fashion scene

    By Sandra Hagelstam
  5. “My wardrobe secret? One out, one in”: Trine Kjær on how she keeps clothing chaos at bay

    The Copenhagen-based stylist gives us a sneaky tour of her much-coveted closet

    By Anna Clarke
  6. Let Cos' latest artist collaboration inject some colour in your closet

    Artist Lea Colombo’s capsule collection with Cos is an artful display of colour. We speak to Colombo about her South African influences and the inspiration of natural beauty

    By Josefin Forsberg