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The rise of the basic: Experts weigh in on why today’s trends are all about closet staples

By Josefin Forsberg
Envelope sleepers

Photo: Stephanie Sikkes for Envelope 1976 x Sleepers

Gone are the days of fashion for fashion’s sake. Below, we explore how basics have become trendy

For the observant fashion enthusiast, an undeniable shift is taking place in the sartorial sphere. Fashion has expanded and grown beyond haute couture handiwork and outspoken silhouettes to include more casual ensembles. What started in 2018 with the dawn of 'New Celine' and Hedi Slimane taking over the brand – revamping its creative direction to cater to a younger consumer – has quickly grown into a movement of luxury basics. Launched in the age of social media, Celine's high-fashion hoodies, denim, and leather jackets became a commercial success. And others were quick to follow suit. From Off-White's streetwear staples to Balenciaga's branded sweats, it seems the must-know brands of today are all heralding a new dawn for basics.