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  1. Here's how tech will shape fashion in 2022

    Pauliina Martikainen, an investor who works with technology companies at pre-seed and seed stage across Europe, spotlights how technology and fashion will interact in the coming year

    By Pauliina Martikainen
  2. Christian Dior - AW22

    Maria Grazia Chiuri presented a spell-binding collection that demonstrates how fashion and technology intersect. The runway saw the House’s heritage and iconic architectural constructions take on new tech functions through a collaboration with technology company D-Air Lab

  3. Three versions of the Volvo EX30 lined up on the ice track in Harads


    “There are so many similarities between the fashion and the car industry”: Why Volvo tapped recycled denim for its innovative new interiors

    “Small but mighty” is the motto of Volvo’s new electric EX30, the brand’s smallest SUV to date (with denim interior possibilities to delight any fashion lover) Over a three day period in Harads, Sweden, Vogue Scandinavia’s editor Josefin Forsberg put this David against the Goliath nature of the...


    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. How one Finnish tech brand is changing the way we buy beauty

    Meet Revieve, the beauty platform powered by smart tools that will revolutionise your routine and transform your appearance

    By Fiona Embleton
  5. Sponsored

    How Prada Candy and its digital muse is changing the fashion and beauty landscape

    Last year Prada revealed the new face for famed perfume Candy. The ambassador isn’t a celebrity or a supermodel it is a computer-generated avatar aptly named Candy. Here’s how marketing looks in the age of the metaverse

    By Linnéa Pesonen
  6. Can NFTS be sustainable

    Can NFTs really be sustainable? Why these buzzy artworks can be bad for the environment

    Fashion brands are dipping their toes in a virtual pool of digital wearables, 'phygital' runways and online collectables. But what about the environmental impact?

    By Sophie Axon
  7. Could carbon emissions be the next big ingredient in beauty?

    Modern science has led to many incredible and life-saving innovations, but the power of thin air is a lesser-known territory. Here, Vogue Scandinavia explores how products made out of air can teach us more about sustainability and resources within beauty

    By Johanna Ljunggren
  8. Watch: MrSavage takes on Herman Tømmeraas and other Nordic pro gamers in an ultimate showdown

    This is what happens when the creme de la creme of the Nordic gaming world, Martin 'MrSavage' Foss Andersen, Herman Tømmeraas, Emil 'Nyhrox' Bergquist and Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche, go head-to-head

  9. Could all of our luxury goods soon be blockchain-enabled? BLK DNM makes a strong case 

    With its new ‘connected fashion’ leather jackets, Swedish brand BLK DNM makes a strong case for luxury goods to be blockchain-enabled

    By Allyson Shiffman
  10. “Materials have the power to transform society”: 20 years of Uniqlo’s game-changing Heattech®

    Since 1993, Japanese retailer Uniqlo has led the charge with its unparalleled approach to ‘solving the problem of cold’. Here we take a deep dive into exactly how HEATTECH® came to be a sell-out Scandinavian staple over the last two decades

    By Clare McInerney
  11. Is Daniel Ek’s Neko Body Scan the Spotify of healthcare? Here’s everything you need to know

    Will Daniel Ek's latest venture, Neko Health, do to healthcare what Spotify did to music? We sit down with co-founder and CEO Hjalmar Nilsonne – and step into the scanner ourselves – to find out

    By Allyson Shiffman
  12. Intimacy exhibition

    A new generation of gender inclusive designers on the future of Finnish fashion

    Over the last decade, the fashion scene in Finland has seen a significant shift towards technology and inclusivity. Our Gender Fluidity expert, Mikko Puttonen, explores this ten-year-long transition at Helsinki Design museum's new exhibition 'Intimacy'

    By Mikko Puttonen
  13. “We need to slow down”: This four-piece capsule collection is a circularity game-changer

    For its latest capsule collection, Filippa K introduces pioneering fibre technology to its long-time textile mill partner. We speak to the brand’s vice president of sustainability, Jodi Everding, for the full story – and why it matters

    By Clare McInerney
  14. Agneson on Clark and Vikings for Vogue Scandinavia photo by Benjamin Tarp

    Actress Alicia Agneson on ‘Clark’, not owning a computer and fashion from bygone eras

    With a penchant for pre-loved fashion and a star on the rise, Swedish actress Alicia Agneson lets us in on her aversion for technology and what it was like to portray the woman behind the term 'Stockholm Syndrome'

    By Josefin Forsberg
  15. Get to know the futuristic skincare ingredients changing the face of beauty

    It’s skincare but not as you know it

    By Fiona Embleton
  16. What is the link between women's hormones and mental health? This new Swedish app is unlocking the answers

    To mark World Mental Health Day 2023, we speak to the Swedish co-founders behind revolutionary app Hormona about how their own personal experiences led them to launch the app that is changing women’s lives

    By Olivia Ekelund