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Actress Alicia Agneson on ‘Clark’, not owning a computer and fashion from bygone eras

By Josefin Forsberg
Agneson on Clark and Vikings for Vogue Scandinavia photo by Benjamin Tarp

Photo: Benjamin Tarp

With a penchant for pre-loved fashion and a star on the rise, Swedish actress Alicia Agneson lets us in on her aversion for technology and what it was like to portray the woman behind the term 'Stockholm Syndrome'

“I don’t own a computer,” Alicia Agneson says, emphasising each word with vigorous hand movements. Her nine-month-old toy poodle puppy Rosewood excitedly jumps up and down at her feet, chew-toy in mouth. “I’m very analogue. I like my scripts in my hands, being able to highlight and make notes. I can’t learn lines any other way,” she says. “What would I need a computer for?”


We’re standing in a room with 1970s flair at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel. The walls are covered with striped white and brown wallpaper, offset by lace curtains and a houndstooth rug. However, the main feature is the adjacent circular tower room with a tiger-striped chaise lounge overlooking the Baroque Royal Palace across the bay.