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  1. "It's my meditation": Meet the ice fishing women braving Sweden's big freeze

    Catching a fish is a difficult enough challenge, let alone when you throw in sub-zero temperatures and a frosted lake to contend with. But for these women, spending hours alone out on the snowy tundra, waiting for their next catch, is all part of the appeal…

    By Lucy Pavia
  2. The 7 new wellness trends to explore this year

    From Bilateral Sound Therapy to embracing the beetroot, these are up-and-coming trends to keep an eye on this coming year

    By Matilde Wergeland
  3. Camilla Engström quit fashion to become one of the art world's buzziest painters

    We visit artist Camilla Engström in her makeshift studio in Blidö for a sneak peek of her forthcoming showcase at Market Art Fair with Carl Kostyál gallery

    By Allyson Shiffman
  4. Ocean swims and blissful reading: How Josefine HJ beats phone fatigue

    From an essential daily meditation to listening to songs on repeat, these are the stateside content creator's everyday essentials

    By Lola Froebe
  5. Lykke Li

    Lykke Li on heartbreak, her new album and meditating with David Lynch

    Fresh off a successful tour, the acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter lifts the lid on her "most deeply personal work yet", why Joan Didion is her forever style icon and missing Stockholm

    By Davina Catt
  6. Searching for better ways to handle stress? Here's why Danish "Saunagus" should be your new coping mechanism

    Best described as a mix of sauna, aromatherapy and interpretive dance - this unconventional Danish sauna regime is what wellness aficionados and "gus master" practitioners, including Nicolai Solberg, swear by

    By Hannah Tappin
  7. Copenhagen Cowboy’s Angela Bundalovic on what really matters: “Our time is short here in life”

    The Danish actress talks ditching social media for the accordion, how meditation primed her to take on her latest role and what it was like working with Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn

    By Anna Clarke
  8. How to ace autumn and beat the end-of-summer blues, according to wellness experts

    We may not have wanted this summer to end, but you can still prepare for a flawless fall with these expert tips

    By Matilde Wergeland
  9. Why screaming into the abyss may be just the mindfulness trick you need

    There’s a common Swedish practice which offers an unexpected release from the stress of daily life, so don't fight it, feel it – here's how a regular primal scream can help you break out of the fog and embrace the light...

    By Marie-Claire Chappet
  10. These are the biggest wellness trends for 2022

    We’re prioritising wellbeing more than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. Meet your new allies for feeling happy and healthy

    By Fiona Embleton