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Video: Get moving with Fashionablefit and her three minute functional circuit

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Studio Ofelia

End off the week and get your body moving with the latest Vogue Scandinavia Movements — travel to a sunny beach and practice resistance, flexibility and cardio all in one

Vogue Scandinavia Movements is a series made to make you get up and out, from breathing, yoga and meditation to barre, functional and cardio work. Exercise should be a crucial part of our every day, and here we're doing it the Vogue way.

Hannah Andersson is the face and body behind Fashionable Fit, a platform she’s grown based on the pillars of self care, love, healing and self-empowerment. For more than ten years she’s made it her mission to inspire and impulse health and well-being within her followers — today she continues to do so as well as instruct courses where one learns to show up for themselves and get a bit of exercise in the mix.

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