Video: Get moving with Fashionablefit and her three minute functional circuit

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Studio Ofelia

End off the week and get your body moving with the latest Vogue Scandinavia Movements — travel to a sunny beach and practice resistance, flexibility and cardio all in one

Vogue Scandinavia Movements is a series made to make you get up and out, from breathing, yoga and meditation to barre, functional and cardio work. Exercise should be a crucial part of our every day, and here we're doing it the Vogue way.


Hannah Andersson is the face and body behind Fashionable Fit, a platform she’s grown based on the pillars of self care, love, healing and self-empowerment. For more than ten years she’s made it her mission to inspire and impulse health and well-being within her followers — today she continues to do so as well as instruct courses where one learns to show up for themselves and get a bit of exercise in the mix.

“This is the perfect workout for when you just want to be efficient and effective. The workout is a lower body and core focused workout. It will have your legs, booty and abs on fire. You will feel the burn and that you really put in the work,” says Andersson. For this routine mind muscle connection and make sure you’re focused on what muscles are working while you exercise. Her perfect tips? To pay attention to your glutes and push your heels into the ground when performing any lower body exercises, also keep knees out throughout the movement — also, do the circuit at least four times per session, no cheating. “Move your body with the intention and energy of self love and not self hate. You are enough!”

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