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  1. From 30-foot waves to floating crèches – these are the Scandi women living life on the high seas

    Forget #VanLife, meet the women who are ditching the nine-to-fives for a watery world, taking to the oceans in pursuit of sun, sea and sustainability

    By Siobhan Reid
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    Zalando debuts new inclusive capsule collection “Limitless fashion”

    One of Europe’s leading online platforms for fashion and lifestyle, Zalando, launches its campaign “Limitless Fashion” to introduce a new inclusive capsule collection curated by iconic Nordic brands Han Kjøbenhavn, Martin Asbjørn, Makia and Double A by Wood Wood

    By Mikko Puttonen
  3. Dreaming of an 'equestrian chic' wardrobe? Supermodel Frida Gustavsson's new It-bag has you covered

    Uniting her love of horses and stylish accessories in equal doses, Frida Gustavsson has taken ‘free reign’ to design the latest must-have bag from Swedish lifestyle brand Get the Gallop

    By Clare McInerney
  4. There's a Storm coming: Meet the Norwegian interior designer who sold everything he had

    A few years ago, Norwegian interior designer Storm Storm sold all of his possessions and moved to Mexico... Having spent some time working on a more sustainable lifestyle - and designing a spectacular luxury resort in Tulum - he's back in Scandinavia with a new line of eco-friendly porcelain...

    By Celine Aagaard
  5. Swedish model Eddie Mitsou has written the handbook that will transform your view of wellness

    “Oh, what I would have done for a handbook to help me through my moments of self-doubt,” the Los Angeles-based Swede writes in Peaches: a newly-released compendium that addresses her own prior need with 400 pages of recipes, guides and interviews

    By Clare McInerney
  6. Everybody’s gone surfing: How Breitling bucked the divers’ watch trend

    Surfing is no longer about sleeping in vans and smoking weed on the beach all day. The sport has gone pro and big brands like Breitling are looking to the waves for ambassadors

    By Kristian Haagen
  7. breakfast Stedsans

    How we started a sustainable farm: "We want to show how easy it is to live well"

    Most of us can only dream of getting away from it all and going completely off-grid. But for founders of the sustainable restaurant and farm Stedsans, it became a reality...

    By Laura Hall
  8. Copenhagen Fashion Week guests wear breezy white tops with jeans and beige pants

    In honour of Succession's final episode: The best 'quiet luxury' street style looks

    Whether you've dubbed it the 'old money' aesthetic or 'quiet luxury', a trend for understated refinement has seeped onto the streets of our favourite fashion capitals – and we can only blame the Roy's for this subtle sartorial revolution

    By Josefin Forsberg