Video: Wake up the right way with Pernilla Böckerman’s gentle, full-body workout

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Thomas Böckerman

Feeling a bit sluggish? Put some spring in your step and amp up your energy levels with this gentle, but full-body workout – no equipment necessary

Vogue Scandinavia Movements is a series made to make you get up and out, from breathing, yoga and meditation to barre, functional and cardio work. Exercise should be a crucial part of our every day, and here we're doing it the Vogue way.


Finnish-Swedish professional fitness athlete Pernilla Böckerman is one of the country's most-known social media personalities and fitness figures and she's only 22. Having always possessed an active lifestyle, exercising is a natural part of Böckerman's life. Looking after her body and mind accordingly, Böckerman likes to always be moving, doing everything from gym workouts to skiing, running and cycling. In addition to showing a great example of a wholesome, healthy lifestyle, Böckerman is loved for her pure authenticity and positive outlook on life.

For our fourth episode of Vogue Scandinavia Movements, Böckerman has created a gentle, full-body workout that can be done at home without equipment. "The workout is suitable for all levels of exercisers and especially for those who want a good start to the day," she explains. "It's a quick and gentle 5-movement rotation workout, and the duration is about 6-8 minutes. During the workout, it is good to remember breathing, the right range of motion, a slow tempo and holding the middle body in every movement."

Get ready to start your day right...

You can find more about Pernilla through her social media.