The Vogue Scandinavia guide to a glögg party

By Sharareh and Roshi Hoss

Photo: Vogue Scandinavia

Sharareh and Roshi Hoss plan parties for a living through their event PR and production company Hoss Agency. Here, they share their secrets to planning a party that would even impress Jay Gatsby

A glögg party is a nice build-up to the Christmas celebration, it’s an easy way to bring everyone together before the end of year and get into that holiday spirit.


When it comes to hosting the party, festive appetisers and drinks with traditional Christmas flavours are essential, but, it’s also fun to twist traditions, at least if you are throwing more than one glögg party a year. Here’s our guide to hosting your most stylish and memorable one yet.

Add a twist to old classics

Think outside the box, and serve your favourite cocktails warm. Imagine a warm espresso martini with cinnamon sprinkles, or add another option to the glögg. Why not try a warm apple cider, with coconut cream and cardamon sprinkles.

For more twisted options, serve saffron muffins with chocolate inside and a huge cheese board with ginger cookies, crackers and strawberries. Add salt and sweet popcorn for that extra crisp when you're making a delicious gingerbread cookie sandwich, with blue cheese, strawberries. It might seem a bit over the top, but if you add these things to the traditional goodies, you'll have a glögg party standing out.


Photo: @hellstromgin

The secret to making a playlist everyone likes

Another thing we love during parties, especially during Christmas, is music. When your guests have confirmed that they are attending, ask them to send one favourite Christmas song, collect the answers and create a Spotify list matching their taste in music, that way at least everybody will get one song that they love in the list.

Let light be the main decoration

Since we barely see the sun during winter in Scandinavia, it’s important to get as much light and warmth as possible. For the table setting, use a lot of candles in different sizes. To make the setting cohesive, use candles that match the colour palette of the setting.

For a glögg party, we suggest different shades of red, brown and small touches of green. A simple rule is to try to stick to three primary colours throughout the party when it comes to flowers, candles, and the setting. As a final touch, we like the idea of having old teacups on the table for the glögg.


Photo: @blossasverige

Tips: If you are an early bird with the Christmas tree, make sure to light it up. As a nice activity for your guests when they arrive, set up a station where all your guests can make their own special made Christmas decoration for your tree. This way they will leave something personal and it will make them feel good that they have contributed to your Christmas celebrations.

Decoration check list

  • Christmas Stars in the windows
  • Red Christmas flowers
  • Christmas glass baubles for the tree but also as table decorations
  • Pine greenery for table
  • Cinnamon and vanilla sticks for table
  • Candles in different sizes
  • Silver — or any colour that goes well with your colour theme — balloon clouds that surrounds the table from the ceiling/or silver balloons upside down with different levels from the ceiling

Photo: Supplied

Know your running order

Set up a "run of show" for yourself to always know the next step and to always level the experience. The run sheet could look like this:

  • Guest arrive. Greet them with a warm cocktail, offer fluffy slippers and mingle
  • Take them to the kitchen and dining area where sweets will be served first - twist the menu around just to surprise your guests
  • Have stations ready to get everyone in the Christmas spirit:
    Station 1: Gingerbread house station: everyone love making a gingerbread house
    Station 2: Mistel Toe and nectar/orange station
    Station 3: Cocktail station: keep the Christmas Cocktails coming - give your guests the ingredients to create their own
  • After approximately 1.5 hours dinner will be served.
  • Knock knock, who’s there? It is not Santa, but your sweet friend who dropped by and will be singing soulful Frank Sinatra songs on your piano.