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Amalie Moosgaard’s minimalist guide to decorating for the holidays

By Amalie Moosgaard
amalie moosgaard coffee

Photo: Amalie Moosgaard

The model and founder of newly launched jewellery label Lié Studio welcomes Vogue Scandinavia into her home to discover how she gets into the Christmas spirit

It’s my second Christmas in my apartment here in Copenhagen. Last year I had just moved in, and didn’t really decorate my home, so it actually feels like my first Christmas here.

My apartment is tiny and only 42 square metres but I absolutely love it. I live here alone and for now it’s a good size for just me. I bought it in 2019 and it’s my first apartment. One good thing about a small home is that it’s quick to decorate and simple decorations can make the space pop. I don’t decorate a lot but I try to make it a little more festive with greenery and candles being my go-to.

amalie moosgaard

My dining table works as my home office as well so it's often a big mess but I moved my laptop out of the shot for you guys. Photo: Amalie Moosgaard

amalie moosgaard

Me in front of my huge bedroom mirror that I got custom made. Photo: Amalie Moosgaard

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