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  1. demi couture editorial

    Queen Bee: Why you should be dressing up your loungewear

    Blue blood be damed, a queen can crown herself. In her carefully constructed finery, she is positively poised and regal, complete with innovative pairings to reign her world. In this latest Vogue Scandinavia fashion shoot we challenge the notion that we all can't be royals even if we are in...

    By Josefin Forsberg
  2. plant based beauty mammas dag

    Watch the process behind artist Martin Bergström's hauntingly beautiful work in this exclusive video

    Martin Bergström is the flower man. He has been working with flowers since his first exhibition at 14 years old. Here in this video and interview, the artist invites Vogue Scandinavia into his studio to shine a light on his unique process as he creates exquisite artwork for our February-March issue

    By Eliza Sörman Nilsson
  3. Stockings

    Stockings up: A brief history of hosiery

    It may seem that hosiery has a seemingly humble past, but this wardrobe staple has seen material innovations and world war rationing. Below – accompanied by our sock-centric editorial from the February-March issue – we explore the fascinating fashion history of socks and stockings

    By Josefin Forsberg
  4. Pernilla Nyrensten

    Video: A day in the life of CEO and female founder Pernilla Nyrensten

    Here, one of Sweden's most successful business women gives Vogue Scandinavia an insight into running a company while wearing red-bottom heels

    By Vogue Scandinavia
  5. Lavabread

    Icelandic chef Gísli Matt's go-to lava rye bread recipe

    For the February-March issue of Vogue Scandinavia we headed to Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland to learn about the tradition of lava bread making. Here Icelandic chef Gísli Matt shares his traditional rye recipe that doesn't require a bubbling volcano to make...

    By Gísli Matt
  6. minimalism editorial

    The modern minimalist: How to update your tailoring for 2022

    Revise how you view classic tailoring and embrace a modern take on Scandinavian minimalism. Here is Vogue Scandinavia's guide to how you update your old office wear for the new season

    By Josefin Forsberg
  7. Tina Signesdottir

    #MyVogueScandinavia: How this photographer uses Nordic light to create melancholic yet beautiful images

    Bathed in Norwegian light, photographer Tina Signesdottir’s melancholic images are distinctly, unmistakably Nordic. A born artist who imbues each photograph with endless emotion, her portraits tell a timeless story of our region

    By Jennifer Nilsson
  8. plant based beauty mammas dag

    Flowers of youth: The sprouts, plants and blooms that make us glow

    Deep dive into a land where every flower is bestowed with an almost magical property that can cure, soothe or even reverse ageing for they who apply it — but beware, as some might look pure and enchanted, but can be deadly poisonous

    By Esteban G Villanueva
  9. tooth gem

    The fine tooth: How tooth gems have become the trend du jour

    Working with Swarovski crystals and celebrities from Swedish singer Seinabo Sey to model Iris Law , Anyamanee Chailom puts a creative spin into tooth gem artistry. Here is why you need her work on your radar

    By Josefin Forsberg
  10. Red hair editorial

    Video: Vogue Scandinavia pays tribute to every shade of red hair

    In this exclusive beauty editorial and video, we decided to honour, highlight and uplift the rarest of natural hair colours, in every shade, form, size and format

    By Esteban G Villanueva
  11. Sauna

    Full steam ahead: Everything you need to know about Finland's sauna culture

    With one third of the world’s saunas located in Finland, to say that a steam bath is an integral aspect of the region’s culture feels like an understatement. We unravel the allure of getting hot and humid

    By Lisa Hasselgård-Rowe
  12. Martina Bonnier

    Letter from the editor "The role of royals have changed. Still, somehow, the dream of being royalty – in a less traditional sense – lives on"

    "As soon as I became editor in chief of Vogue Scandinavia, I knew I wanted to celebrate the experience of growing up in a region with kings and queens, princes and princesses"

    By Martina Bonnier
  13. Pernilla Nyrensten

    "When I go into a boardroom, a room full of suits, I never wear a suit": CEO Pernilla Nyrensten is kicking down doors in sky high heels

    She’s the founder of a billion-dollar company and the first female CEO to ring the bell at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Pernilla Nyrensten is a certified boss who’s revolutionising the outdoor industry. Here, she spills her secrets on succeeding in a male-dominated world

    By Natalie Salmon