Red hair editorial
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Video: Vogue Scandinavia pays tribute to every shade of red hair

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Marc Hibbert

In this exclusive beauty editorial and video, we decided to honour, highlight and uplift the rarest of natural hair colours, in every shade, form, size and format

Picture for a moment the colour of the sun right before it sets, the tone of the blood that runs through our veins, and the shade of blush that covers your cheeks when the right person says just the right thing. Envision for a moment the vibrancy of the oranges almost past ripe, the hot-headed bell peppers ready to be harvested and swish of the cardinal as it flies past a frozen field. Take the colour of the warmest of spices and the most precious of metals, take the hue of the stars and the colour of molten lava out of an exploding volcano. Call it bronze, auburn, orange, burnt ochre or even maroon — at the end of the day it’s red. It’s all red. And that's what we celebrate in this photo shoot and video.