5 industry insiders share their guide to Sweden's best beaches

By Matilde Wergeland

Photo: Filippa Hägg

From secret secluded sands to activity-packed destinations, this is where the region's in-the-know names escape to

While your Instagram feed might be full of those flocking to the coastlines of southern Europe again, there are plenty of fantastic beaches closer to home – perfect for those of us who would rather stay in the region and make use of the countless sunlight hours. And Sweden has some incredible spots to boast about, after all, where you'll find crystal clear water, white sand, warm cliffs, and picturesque seaside restaurants.


But where to go exactly? For the best seaside getaways, we asked some of our chicest friends about their must-visit beaches – perfect for summer memories, morning swims, and, of course, the perfect tan. Here's what they said...

Ida Zeile - model

My favourite beach is a hidden gem called Björnsängen located on one of the Koster Islands, just off the coast from Strömstad. It is accessed through a hike across the cliffs overlooking the scenic archipelago, with the Norwegian coast visible in the distance.

The entrance to the beach is leafy and inconspicuous, yet hiding beneath the forest is a small beach, fortified between two cliffs with a marvelous view and perfect beige-white sand. There are also plenty of boulders and cliffs in the water, exquisite for diving or sunbathing.

If you haven’t decided on your next vacation destination, I can’t recommend Koster enough – it’s truly a Swedish gem.

Ida Zeile says Björnsängen is a hidden gem .

Filippa Hägg - stylist

Torekov beach, in Skåne, is small and cosy, and I have spent all my summers there since I was a little kid – I absolutely love this place!

People have taken their morning swims from the jetty since the 1800s and it is mandatory to stop by the local bakery for freshly baked bread and a long breakfast afterwards. There are also many gorgeous beaches and cliffs in the surrounding areas, such as in Båstad, which is only a short drive away.

Skåne is such a stunning place in Sweden and I absolutely love to spend my summers here.

Roger Dupé - model and founder of Meylon

I love this long white beach, Sundersand, on Fårö, in Sweden's Gotland. The surroundings are so idyllic and relaxing, and I escape to this gem when I am tired of the hectic Stockholm city buzz.

It’s perfect for walks and picnics, and a heated pool, camping area, and a little café can also be found in the area – perfect if you’re here with the whole family. It is also possible to do yoga, get a massage, or have some fun in the water with paddle boats if you’re in the mood for other activities instead of just lying in the sun.

So, if you’re going to Gotland, I definitely recommend Sundersand. You won’t be disappointed!

Elin Alemdar - founder of Stylein

I'm fortunate enough to have grown up in the countryside, just north of Gothenburg and close to the sea. I live in Stockholm today and I miss the west coast with its salty water and fresh air when summer approaches. The place I have in mind and dream of is Timmervik – the brightest pearl that this coastline offers and my favourite place on Earth.

Every time I visit my mother there, we go down to the water with a cup of coffee before the kids wake up and enjoy the stillness and fresh coffee. Those early morning swims and moments by the water are some of the happiest for me.

I would also recommend to visit any of the picturesque restaurants nearby and enjoy a fish soup, fresh crayfish, and an ice-cold glass of rosé – the best way to end the perfect summer day!

Chayenne Cartiers - PR manager Maria Nilsdotter

I have spent a lot of summers on Österlen in Skåne, and two of my favourite spots there are Knäbäck and Haväng.

Knäbäck beach is a must-visit – it looks like a paradise beach and reminds you of a tropical island or Mediterrannean coastline! And it is as beautiful during fall as it is during summer. My other favourite in the area, Haväng, is a nature reserve where you find horses walking around on the beach. It is so idyllic and I absolutely love going there whenever I am in the south of Sweden.