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7 industry insiders on the style lessons they've learnt from their mums

By Linnéa Pesonen
Andiata portrait

Photo: Andiata

From Matilda Morelius to Imane Asry, here's what the Nordic style set garnered from their own mothers

Our early experiences regarding fashion and beauty often involve our mothers. Growing up, did you ever rummage through your mum’s wardrobe? Perhaps you sneakily borrowed something while she was away, carefully placing it back before she was home. Or perhaps your first dabble in makeup was when you tried your mum’s lipstick and mascara.


Your mother might have been your biggest cheerleader since day one, encouraging you to embrace your own sartorial path and experiment with different trends and styles, never judging and always supporting.

Yes, our mother's can be hugely influential on our sense of style, even when we are long grown. Speaking to some fashion industry insiders, Vogue Scandinavia set to learn what lessons these seven Nordic tastemakers have taken from their mothers.