6 unreal destinations in Norway to add to your bucket list

By Helene Myhre

Helene Myhre in Innerdalen. Photo: @helenemoo

Living a life of adventure across her native Norway, Helene Myhre knows the country like the back of her hand – especially those 'off-the-beaten-track' spots that offer an otherworldly kind of natural beauty. Here, Myrhe rounds up six of the best spots to add to your travel bucket list for Vogue Scandinavia

As captured in Vogue Scandinavia's June-July issue, 27-year-old Norwegian Helene Myhre lives an unusual life of adventure. Travelling across her home country in a minivan, documenting her trips with stunning snaps of vivid natural landscapes that look unreal enough to be plucked from a painting.

From these expeditions, Myhre also creates carefully curated travel guides, some of which have since been compiled into two books. “It's so fun, I love that people trust me with my tips because, like, I’m just a girl who’s travelling around,” Myhre laughs. And people do trust her – namely the nearly 800,000 who follow her on Instagram. “What I love about Norway is we have so many untouched places that look like they’re from 50 or 60 years ago because we’re so good at preserving them,” she says.

Here, exclusively for Vogue Scandinavia, Myhre shares her six favourite far-flung locales to add to your travel bucket list now.



Hjelle. Photo: @helenemoo

Hjelle. Photo: @helenemoo

Hjelle. Photo: @helenemoo

Hjelle is a hidden gem in the amazing area of Stryn, which includes popular valleys like Loen and Olden. But this place has something extra. Enjoy afternoon tea at the old café Gamlebutikken by the lake, rent a boat from the hotel and explore. For hiking, I highly recommend Segestad via Glomnesfossen. A steep, but short hike.



Innerdalen. Photo: @helenemoo

This beautiful valley is hidden in Trollheimen and is a must-visit. You can drive a bit into the valley before reaching a parking area where you must proceed on foot. You don't have to walk far before you see the view of the mountain that makes this valley so unique – Innerdalstårnet. 3.5 km into the valley lies Renndølsetra, offering waffles and cinnamon buns with an impeccable view. You can spend the night on one of the budget-friendly tourist cabins or pitch your tent somewhere in the valley.



Aurland. Photo: @helenemoo

Aurlandsfjorden and Nærøyfjorden epitomize the beauty of Western Norway, featuring two dramatic fjords bordered by steep mountains. You can’t visit without stopping by the charming village Undredal, which actually inspired the Arendelle kingdom in Frozen. Stop by Marianne Bakery & Café in Aurland for fresh pastries and explore endless waterfalls in Flåm. A drive through Gudvangen is also a must.



Dalen. Photo: @helenemoo

Dalen. Photo: @helenemoo

Dalen. Photo: @helenemoo

The adventure valley in Telemark! In my opinion the prettiest place in the south and east of Norway. Enjoy easy views at the Rui farm, or do a part of the long hike Lårdalstigenä from Dalen to Lårdal. Hot tip: the best view comes after just 30 minutes of hiking from the parking lot in Dalen. Cool off in the lake by Soria Moria Sauna and enjoy a lunch or dinner at the majestic Dalen Hotel.



Engeløya. Photo: Visit Bodo

A small part of Steigen in the north. Often considered Lofoten's quieter sibling with far fewer visitors and thus more untouched nature. Be ready for turquoise ocean, lush nature and white beaches. Make sure to visit the two beaches, Bøsanden and Brennviksanden. And make sure to stop by Else's Oasis for some seriously good cakes in the cosy garden.


Sunnmøre. Photo: @helenemoo

Sunnmøre. Photo: @helenemoo

Sunnmøre. Photo: @helenemoo

The best area to go if you like big mountains, narrow fjords and unreal views. One of the most popular hikes is Slogen, a challenging climb that rewards you with panoramic views of Hjørundfjord. Saksa and Urkeegga are easier options with amazing views. All these are located in the small village Urke, the cutest place in Norway. There’s a sauna by the fjord in both Urke and Sæbø, the neighboring village a small ferry ride away.