Outside Sauna by GoBoat

Five of the best floating saunas in Scandinavia

By Laura Hall

Photo: Christoffer Strange Hansen

Take the traditional Scandinavian ritual of sauna bathing to a whole new level that will allow you to simultaneously connect with air, fire and water while you disconnect from the massive land. Discover everything about the newest trend in self-care with moving, floating saunas

If you’re into winter swimming – and even if you’re not – you’ll want to know about this. The sauna is the centrepoint of cultural life in Scandinavia - the word ‘sauna’ is Finnish in origin - and in recent years, it has moved out of the house and into the water. All over Scandinavia you can find floating saunas, steamy wooden rooms perched on platforms over clean lakes, rivers and harbours, steps from the refreshingly cool water. What could be better than booking one by the hour for a private session and spending the afternoon dipping, sweating, dipping and sweating? These are some of the best.


Sauna by GoBoat, Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s GoBoat has been providing the city with solar-powered boats since 2014, and this winter they’ve branched out into saunas. Their new 12-person floating sauna, located in the inner city at Ved Stranden with views of Christiansborg Palace, includes a Russian bath and can be booked for 1-2 hours for groups of friends or family alike. Bring a towel and FYI, nudity is not allowed. Look out for upcoming saunagus experiences too, Denmark’s brand of aromatic wellness, where aromatherapy oils are added to the sauna.

Sauna GoBoat

Photo: Christoffer Strange Hansen


Havet, Trondheim

New to Trondheim this winter, Havet is a complex of saunas and sea baths that anchor a new area in the city that is developing through 2022 with cultural offerings, dining options and outdoor stages. The unique sauna buildings are inspired by coastal culture, including that of the Norse, Sami and nomadic people, and reuse girders and beams from fish hoist constructions in their buildings. Good for you, good looking and sustainable all in one.


Bastuflotte, Stockholm

In Stockholm, currently home to the golden Solar Egg sauna, you can combine two of the city’s most treasured activities, wellness and archipelago exploration, with Bastuflotten (from May to October). The 12-person wood-fired floating sauna is moored at Stocksunds Harbour and offers tranquil views, a sundeck for relaxing in the summer, plus drinks and snacks. As well as offering archipelago tours where you can sauna and swim, they can take you to archipelago restaurants too. Perfect for a late spring fling.


Kesän sauna, Oulu, Finland

In Finland, the home of the sauna, you can take a sauna in a gondola, or even in a ferris wheel overlooking the city. For a more authentic take on the classic Finnish water and forest experience however, Kesän sauna, meaning ‘summer’s sauna’ is a great option. The wood-burning sauna is run by volunteers and is open in the summer for bathing and steaming right on the Oulu River. It’s been so popular with locals that they have a queue camera on their website so you can see if it’s a good time to visit or not.


Pust, Tromsø

The list would not be complete without an otherworldly view. Tromsø, one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis, has a floating sauna with views of the dancing skies as well as its majestic mountains and colourful harbour. Located in the middle of the harbour (and with a second outpost in Bodø), Pust offers drop-in sessions and private rental, and has a striking A-frame design. Sauna and dip under magical winter skies - what could be better?

Photo: Pust