Kastrup Soebad
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A beginner's guide to winter swimming in Denmark

By Laura Hall

Photo: Thomas Høyrup

From Aarhus to Kastrup Soebad, these are the best places to take a Danish ice cold dip

Copenhageners fall into two groups: those who have been winter bathing and can’t stop talking about its life-enhancing properties, and those who haven’t. I’m in the latter camp but today my luck is about to change: I’ve decided to give winter bathing a whirl.


The health benefits of winter bathing are much talked about: a cold dip can be calorie- burning, libido-boosting, circulation-boosting and give you an endorphin rush or a ‘natural high’ as well. According to Christina Andersen, a functional health coach and personal trainer based in Copenhagen who is swimming with me today, it’s a great stress natural reliever too.

“It’s all about the breathing” she says. “When you put your body into a stressful situation like this, it activates your fight or flight reflex. Getting it under control with your breathing is a great way to teach your body how to handle stress. By calming down with deep breaths you can become more stress resilient.”