Stockholm city guide: the best spots for a cosy date night in the capital

By Matilde Wergeland

Photo: Elisabeth Toll

Bored of the cinema and looking for an evening with a bit of a twist? This is your must-read guide to a romantic evening in Stockholm

Whether you're hoping sparks will fly on a first date or are hoping to keep the fires burning with some fresh inspiration for date night, Stockholm is full of fantastic options. Here are our picks to ensure whatever happens romantically, at least you won't have to worry about the venue.


It doesn't get much more romantic in Stockholm than sunset at Djurgården. Photo: Matilde Wergeland

Take a walk around Djurgården

Djurgården, especially along the canal, is the ultimate place for a date. In case the initial tête-à-tête doesn’t go as planned, you have escape routes and plan Bs scattered along the way (speaking from experience: there are several detours and paths up towards Gärdet that are great for a smooth and quick goodbye). On the other hand, the area is so gorgeous and idyllic, that if the chemistry is there you can also find plenty to do to extend the date beyond a simple stroll. You can stop for some fika and a spot of shopping at Rosendals, or if things are going really well, why not end the walk with a dinner at Ulla Winbladh?


The veranda at Fotografiska is perfect date night material. Photo: Jenny Hammar

Get a dose of culture at Fotografiska

A fusion between a museum and gallery, presenting contemporary photography and regularly changing exhibitions, Fotografiska is the place to visit when you want to add a bit of culture to your dates. Take a wander through the photograph displays, stop by their shop near the entrance and end the date with a bite to eat at their restaurant and café upstairs, which boasts incredibly stunning views back over the city.

yuko ono tea stockholm

See if you've met your match over some matcha at Yuko Ono Sthlm. Photo: Yuko Ono

Spill the (Japanese) tea at a fun workshop

For the tea lover and anyone interested in Japanese culture – a tea tasting at Yuko Ono Sthlm is both a fun and original first date. Learn various brewing techniques, explore different flavours and get to know more about the importance of tea in Japanese history and culture. And once you’ve got the hang of how to use the matcha whisk and create the perfect foam, don’t forget to browse through the shop full of gorgeous ceramics, pots and high quality organic Japanese tea. And since they offer workshops for bigger groups as well, why not bring some friends and go on a double date?


Holmen Kök & Bar is an archipelago idyll. Photo: Matilde Wergeland

Take a trip to the archipelago

For those that want to venture a little further away from the city then you can't go wrong with a trip to Stockholm’s archipelago, especially when there are several charming cafes and restaurants to visit for a romantic lunch or dinner. Motorverkstan is one of our favourites, an idyllic gem located right on the water, or try Strömma Krog & Kanalbar, another gorgeous option where you can enjoy delicious foods and people watching (especially on the boats passing by right next to the tables). Alternatively, give Holmen Kök & Bar in Saltsjöbaden a go – perfect for a drop-in tipple that's a little closer to the city, but that still gives you that picturesque experience.

astrology horoscope stockholm

Discover whether you're destined to be together with a horoscope reading from Margareta Hedin. Photo: Margareta Hedin

See if you're star-crossed lovers with an astrology reading

For the impatient romantic who would rather talk about love in terms like destiny and signs, and believes the universe plays its role as well, visiting an astrologist on the first date could be just the thing. Why go through all the waiting, games and second guesses when you can learn immediately if it’s meant to be?

Pay a visit to one of Sweden’s most famous astrologists, Margareta Hedin who has her studio in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. Just tell her your exact time of birth and she will let you know what the stars say about the two of you based on your horoscopes. Since astrology is quite complex and is much more than just knowing a bit about our star signs, input from a professional is key if you want to know how well you match, what challenges you might face together and if it's even worth a second date.


The delicious tomato and stracciatella pizza at Babette ensures your date won't be a total disaster. Photo: Matilde Wergeland

Gorge on one of Stockholm’s best pizzas at Babette

An excellent and intimate restaurant where you’ll know your order right away is Babette – get their outstanding tomato and stracciatella pizza and you’ll bond over the fact that you just enjoyed one of the best pizzas in Stockholm together. Try their olives and roasted almonds as well, and make sure to book a table in advance unless you want to jostle with the regulars outside hoping to get a plum spot – there aren’t that many, even when their outdoor area is open during the warmer months.


Photo: Kristian Bengtsson

Dinner with a difference at one of Sweden's oldest restaurants

It’s reported to be the second oldest restaurant in the world and one of Sweden’s most famous diners, Den Gyldene Freden has rooted itself deeply in Scandinavia. Located on a quaint, cobbled street in Gamla Stan, this historic restaurant, founded in 1722, is renowned for its nordic dishes and unique interior. Over the years, it has been used as a been a watering hole for Sweden’s great and good, including the country’s most celebrated writers, painters, songwriters and the Swedish Academy. So if you’re looking to impress your date with a memorable meal in a setting steeped in history, then this is the place to try.