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Everything you need to know to enjoy cross-country skiing

By Ása Steinars

Settle into cross-country skiing with our nature expert Àsa Steinar's ultimate guide to the sport

For a long time, cross-country skiing to me meant tight clothing, yellow sunglasses and 90 kilometres of pain and blisters. Usually watched from the comfort of home, tucked into the couch with either international competitions or the ever esteemed Vasaloppet flickering in the background, the activity is a national treasure in the Nordics. A sport we revere when the winter Olympics rolls around.


That is until I tried it out myself. What we see on TV is far from that magical feeling of gliding through densely packed snow in a fairytale forest on a cold winter's day. It's magical, really, and a sensation almost impossible to describe.

Just like any winter sport, it can be difficult to get into. Equipment, the ultimate conditions, and the pure athleticism required are all daunting. But just like with everything, it's all about taking that first step out onto the crunchy snow. Here’s how get into it: