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10 ways to convince your hair to grow faster, longer and stronger

By Fiona Embleton


There’s no miracle cure for stimulating hair growth but there are steps you can take to make hair healthy all the way down to the root

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Hair is one of the most evocative symbols of femininity and personal identity. Even scientists have weighed in with their theory that a thick, long mane is a sign of fertility and youth since caveman days, and therefore the basis of sexual selection. So it’s no wonder we’re busy typing “how to make hair grow faster” into Google.

According to research, hair grows, on average, six inches per year. Genetics still play a role, as does general health, so some of us will sprout more new follicles than others. While there’s little you can do to speed up hair growth, additional tricks up your sleeve include creating the optimal environment for healthy roots and sealing up tiny holes in the cuticle to prevent breakage.

Here, 10 easy ways to help you reach that half inch of growth every month.