5 ways to beat frizzy hair in winter

By Fiona Embleton

Photo: Hasse Nielsen

We tap some expert advice for keeping unruly strands in check

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While there is much to be said for the humidity factor in summer causing seasonal frizz, winter comes with its own complex set of hair issues. Fluctuations in temperature – from damp and humid to cold and dry – make hair more unmanageable.

“Cold air contains less moisture, which makes hair more prone to being static and dry,” says hair stylist Cim Mahony, who has worked with everyone from supermodel Kate Moss to HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. “The lack of sweat and natural oils on our scalps at this time of year can also cause baby hair to frizz up at the roots and hairline.” This can be even more of an issue for women with Afro hair, as the twisted structure means it can take longer for natural oils to circle their way from the scalp to the ends.

Below, five things we should all know about taming frizz in winter:


Brush from root to tip

Rather than shy away from brushing for fear of charging strands with static, “use a Mason Pearson brush on dry hair every night,” says Mahony. "The wild boar bristles will gently massage the scalp and release natural oils to help combat frizz.”

Mason Pearson

Boar bristle brush

Via Cult Beauty


Make sure your hair is hydrated

A lack of moisture can be a key cause of frizz. Mahony recommends a two-pronged attack. As the first step in your sleek strand routine, “mix a little oil in with your shampoo when you wash, as hair needs extra nourishment and weight to combat frizz. Then at night, comb a leave-in conditioner through the mid-lengths and ends – my favourite is the Less Is More's Lavender Smooth Balm with softening mallow extract and coconut oils.

Less is More

Lavender smooth balm



Smooth styling

Leave it to Dyson to come up with a genius attachment for its Supersonic hair dryer designed with one thing in mind: to combat a halo of flyaways. The aptly named Flyaway has gained almost cult status as the curved design guides airflow to create what the brand has dubbed the ‘Coanda effect’ – a phenomenon that attracts and lifts longer hairs to the front, while pushing flyaways out of sight. “I absolutely love this new gadget, as it kills all static in an instant,” adds Mahony.


Supersonic hairdryer


Take it to the bedroom

Silk pillowcases don’t disturb the cuticle as much as its rougher cotton counterparts so there is less friction when you toss from side to side. “Silk pillowcases also won’t deplete your hair’s moisture while you sleep,” adds Mahony, noting that silk isn’t as absorbent as cotton or other synthetic fibres. His go-to? The decadent designs from The Beauty Sleeper.


Embroidered silk queen pillowcase

Via Net a porter


Smart supplementing

Never underestimate tackling hair’s aesthetic concerns from the inside out. “Hair health starts from within and, in winter, it’s vital to supplement your diet with oils that are rich in fatty acids,” says Mahony. “I take liquid omega 3 and also add a little avocado oil in my morning smoothie.” Indeed, one study indicated that women taking a fish oil supplement experienced significantly increased hair growth and reduced hair loss.


Fish gel Omega 3

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