Roger Dupé's beauty shelfies: "My mum gave me a lot of confidence"

By Sam Freeman

As one of Sweden’s most successful models, Roger Dupé has worked with everyone from H&M to Kenzo and Acne Studios, and he can also now add entrepreneur to his résumé, having launched Melyon skincare in 2020. Here, he gives us the rundown on how he maintains that famous glow, his haircare routine and beauty wisdom he has borrowed from the women in his life

Talk us through your morning grooming routine…

I usually start off with a cup of black tea, then I wash my face with cold water and begin my skincare routine. To be honest, Melyon products have become my go-to for all my needs, so I first apply the Milk Cleanser, which exfoliates the skin by peeling off the outermost layer. Then I wash my face and use the Detox Serum to give the skin a nice glow without looking too oily. Lastly, I apply the Day Cream to keep me moisturised 24/7, and it also gives the skin a matte finish to prevent the oily look that’s common with other products. It also penetrates the skin very deeply, so women can apply their makeup on top of it without any problems.


In terms of bathing, I’ll use the Le Charbon soap with a fishnet sponge. Even though Africans use it to fish, it doubles as a sponge that helps exfoliate the body. The texture can be a bit rough, but it cleans the skin well, leaving it soft. The soap also contains glycerine and antioxidants, without fragrances. After showering, I use shea butter in my hair to moisturise the scalp, followed by an afro brush with an oil product to get some shine into my fade.

What is your biggest skin concern and how do you combat any problems you might have?

I had a big problem with ingrown hair caused by shaving with sharp blades, and it was one of my few embarrassing skincare issues. A lot of people think they have acne when it’s actually bumps caused by ingrown hair. Black males often suffer from it because we don’t have straight hair, so the strand curls in on itself and grows in the wrong direction, creating a bump and later inflammation. Because of this I moved away from blades and now I only use trimmers. My trimmer of choice is the Philips Breadtrimmer 3000. I apply warm water to my face before shaving in order to open the pores, so the hairs are easier to shave off. I also prioritise exfoliation and use products with salicylic acid to help combat inflammation.

How do you look after your hair?

Loelle Argan Oil is one of my favourite things to use in my hair; it keeps my scalp moisturised and it’s useful for giving my fade some shine and ensuring it lies down when I brush it.

I use Lernberger Stafsing hair shampoo and Cantu Shea Butter conditioner when I shower, but I generally try to use as few products as possible. It’s important to keep track of what we’re applying to our bodies because using a lot of different products can create problems, especially if they contain toxic ingredients. That’s why I mostly use Melyon products, since I know what the ingredients and manufacturing process are.

After showering, I might wear a durag from Fichu.

What is your favourite fragrance?

I have a lot of fragrances, but it depends on what outfit I’m planning on wearing and where I’m going. If I’m in a suit, I’ll use a Tom Ford fragrance, but if I’m casually dressed, I’ll probably use something from Byredo. I have their Music Elevator fragrance, which was a collaboration with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White.

What is the best beauty advice you've ever been given?

This has to be: “You don’t need that many products to achieve healthy skin or a good skincare regimen." A lot of people get stuck on using multiple products, but they neglect all the other factors that affect your looks. Do you drink enough water? Do you sleep enough? What’s your lifestyle like? You can use whatever skincare products you want, but if you’re smoking cigarettes all day, you’re not going to get an ideal outcome. I think skincare routines are like exercise: you need to be consistent over a long period of time in order to see good results.

It’s also good to target whatever problem you have at the moment rather than addressing multiple things at once. If you have an acne issue, focus on that. If your skin is very dry, then try combining your moisturiser with a serum or an oil and resolve that problem before tackling something else.

What are the beauty practices you’ve learned from the women in your family?

My mum gave me a lot of confidence because even if she couldn’t provide the most expensive toys or clothes, she always made sure that I looked good and represented myself well. That kind of self-love has stayed with me throughout my life. My mother would braid my sister's hair whilst my father was cutting mine, and those moments gave me a chance to see how African parents communicate self-love and build confidence in their children. I didn’t understand it as a child, but now I think it’s beautiful when I look back.

What was your greatest beauty discovery?

Vitamin C and niacinamide are ingredients that work really well for me. They’re really good for addressing pigmentation issues and spots, which is something those with dark skin suffer from.

What grooming advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t shave with sharp blades; use only one blade or it’ll lead to in-grown hairs. Had I known that, I would have just used a trimmer all my life. Also, when it comes to grooming products in general: less is more.

Do you have a beauty or wellness secret?

Eat healthy. What you put inside your body matters, and it’ll reflect on the outside. Eating junk food doesn’t lead to better skin. I like to say that working from the inside will make the outside beautiful. It’s not something I thought about much in the beginning, but I’m very aware of it now. I also think people could try using less skincare products and first develop a healthy lifestyle before gradually adding products into it.

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