These are the best holistic treatments to try in Stockholm

By Matilde Wergeland
Heat Sophia Lie

Photo: HEAT by Sophia Lie

From head to toe and beyond - here's where to get the best holistic treatments in the Swedish capital

Holistic health takes every part of our being into consideration, forcing us to let go of the artificial division we have created between body and mind. The idea is that everything is interlinked – inside and outside, body and soul, thoughts and energy – and we have to take all those aspects into consideration in order to optimise our well-being. As the Greek philosopher Plato put it: “the part can never be well, unless the whole is well.”


Stockholm is not lacking when it comes to institutions that take a holistic approach to wellness. While some specialise in particular areas, they are all working toward the health of the whole, from luxurious facials and body treatments that include nutrition and nourishment to studios offering Shamanic healings, breathwork sessions and compression therapy.

Here's our expert guide to exploring treatments at our favourite holistic sanctuaries in Sweden's capital.

Body treatments

Centralbadet – Lymphatic cellulite treatment
Aimed at increasing circulation, strengthening the fascia and getting rid of toxins, this unique treatment at Centralbadet involves cups, pumps and the “Vacustyler” from Weyergans, a brand with 35 years of experience specialising in innovative cosmetic and medical devices. It's not all gadgetry, however, the treatment – which can be done over the course of ten sessions – also includes massages. Make sure to unwind afterwards in the stunning pool area or exclusive “Singing Dunes” sauna where you can experience ionised salt therapy as well as the unique “hu”-sound that can be heard in the deserts, said to help with health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation.

HEAT by Sophia Lie – Infrared sauna, LPG, compression- and cryo-therapy
With a focus on wellness from the inside out, Sophia Lie’s HEAT has grown from an infrared sauna specialist to include a wider selection of treatments, such as LED facials, different kinds of massage, LPG therapy sessions for both face and body, plus compression and cryotherapy. Their gorgeous new pop-up at Nobis Hotel is like a wellness dream, with indulgent new treatments developed exclusively for this location. Our favourite is the “Jetlag Cure”, which includes an infrared sauna session, compression therapy and a coconut mocktail, with the aim of promoting travel recovery. The treatment menu makes it hard to not try everything, and the curated shop means it's nearly impossible to leave empty-handed.

heat stockholm

Infrared sauna specialist HEAT by Sophia Lie offers a wide range of treatments. Photo: HEAT by Sophia Lie

Dr. Diamantis – Chinese medicine and herbs, acupuncture
A mix of traditional Chinese medicine, herbs, naprapathy, nutrition and acupuncture, holistic philosophy around health and wellness is the successful formula that keeps Dr. Diamantis’ practice busy with happy clients. Offering approaches to everything from fertility to sleep difficulties and skin problems, Diamantis follows his clients from the very first consultation all the way through the programme and plan that he creates based on each individual’s needs. “There is no separation between our body and mind, so the holistic aspect is essential in order to find the root cause of a health problem and getting rid of the actual issue, not just the symptoms,” he says.

Release Co. – Vitamin drips and shots
For those who tend to forget the daily vitamin pills, or anyone just wanting the ultimate vitamin boost, Release Co. in Stockholm is definitely the wellness Mecca to visit. The clinic, which looks like a sleek hotel lobby, offers several different intravenous drips as well as vitamin B12 shots, which are said to provide the body with a concentrated dose of vitamins directly into the blood (drip) and muscle (shot) in order to maximise nutrient uptake and absorption. To get the full experience and boost both the inside and outside, take the drip, add a shot and end with a quick session of their cryotherapy, which is intended to reduce inflammation, boost collagen production and increase circulation.

Release Co Stockholm holistic

Release Co. offers vitamin boosts in sleek surrounds. Photo: Release Co.

Facial treatments

Revivekliniken – Biologique Recherche facial treatment
Revivekliniken on Östermalm offers a wide array of holistic treatments, but the most magical one is their incredible Biologique Recherche facial. It starts with an extensive assessment and skin analysis with special equipment measuring elasticity, pore size and fine lines, while different lifestyle factors are also mapped out in order to get a holistic picture of the skin’s overall health. The treatment is then customised and the skin is prepared for the products being used. Biologique Recherche’s products include high concentrations of plant, biotechnological and bio-marine extracts, and rule out the use of synthetic fragrances in order to preserve the integrity of the formulas and avoid any unfavourable reactions. “As with the whole body, the health of our skin is determined by several factors and has to be looked at from a holistic perspective," says Linnéa Wagnås, Dermatologist at Revivekliniken and Biologique Recherche International Educator. "For example, the ingredients in our products, what equipment we use on it, physical touches such as massages, and last but not least how we nourish it from the inside – they all play a role when it comes to skin health.”

Revive Kliniken Stockholm

Revivekliniken on Östermalm takes a holistic view of both its treatments and the products it uses. Photo: Revivekliniken

Kenkô Labs – Skin health analysis and holistic facial aesthetics
Kenkô Labs was founded by MD Yamuna Nalluri, a doctor in General and Functional Medicine with a passion for holistic health who wanted to create a clinic in Stockholm with the most personalised treatments possible. Nalluri's Indian heritage meant an upbringing infused with the principles of Ayurveda, a millenia-old natural system of medicine. The main focus at Kenkô Labs is skin health, and in addition to treatments such as botox, the clinic offers Profhilo, a boost of hyaluronic acid injected into the skin to add hydration, promote elasticity and deliver lots of glow. Nalluri has also created her own programme aimed at optimising skin health, which includes a personalised analysis of biochemistry and genetics. “For anyone wanting to know the details of their skin and finding the root cause of an issue, such as dull skin and an exhausted body despite a seemingly healthy lifestyle, this extensive analysis will guide you towards optimal skin health,” she says.

Dr Yamuna Nalluri by Isolina Fedel

Kenkô Labs was founded by Dr Yamuna Nalluri, who incorporates her learnings from Ayurveda. Photo: Isolina Fedel


Marie Stymne – Massage with guidance
The new favourite guru among Stockholm’s wellness and spirituality crowd is the wonderful Marie Stymne, who offers the best of two worlds – an incredible body massage combined with intuitive guidance, a spiritual process aimed at crystalising your 'life path'. Having worked in the field for decades, Stymne has created her own unique style of treatment where she takes care of each client in the most personalised way possible. Thanks to her incredibly accurate guidance, a session works like wonders for both a stressed body and mind. Styme operates under-the-radar and only takes bookings by text, but fret not – based on her popularity, it is highly likely that you already have several devoted friends that can provide you with her number.

Grand Hotel – Nordic restart body treatment
The most luxurious and indulging body treatment in Stockholm is undoubtedly the Nordic Restart at Grand Hotel’s astounding spa. Get comfortable and unwind on their heated massage beds where towels are swapped for silky satin sheets, then enjoy a combination of dry brushing to remove dead skin cells and a nourishing herb masque to enhance circulation and add glow, followed by a few minutes in a private steam sauna, and lastly a relaxing massage for décolletage, neck, hands and feet. Afterwards, you can sip on a warming cup of the hotel's own herbal tea as you explore the pool area with a variety of pools, cold plunges, saunas and steam rooms. In order to create the ultimate holistic experience and nourish both the inside and the outside, don’t miss their healthy cafe upstairs where kale salads and green smoothies grace the menu.

Grand Hotel pool Stockholm

The Grand Hotel's atmospheric pool at its incredible spa. Photo: Grand Hotel

Wholistically – Your Abdominal Massage (YAM)
Inspired by a 90-year-old Mayan healer in Belize, 'Your Abdominal Massage' (YAM) is a self-care massage style developed in the 1980s which promotes optimal health and improves the body's flow of blood, lymph, nerve and energy. The founder of the quaint and charming clinic Wholistically, Caroline Oskarsson, has added this unique massage to the list of her other treatments, such as facial massages and holistic guidance. “We often talk about the role our gut bacteria plays when it comes to health, but our other intestines and the area outside also play vital roles and that’s why this massage is so effective," explains Okskarsson. "The massage encourages optimal circulation by softening the connective tissue around the organs and helping to relax the diaphragm.”

Healing treatments

Elinmathilda – Holotropic Breathwork, PSYCH-K and energy healing
Thanks to her extensive knowledge and experience combined with a warm personality, the person to go to for transformational work and healing during big shifts, new paths and stormy times in life is the incredible Elin Boëthius. The founder of Elinmathilda, she offers both PSYCH-K and Holotropic Breathwork, where she integrates energy healing and reiki. Her methods claim to clear stuck energy, improve mental clarity, reduce stress, support personal transformation, balance the chakras, strengthen intuition, increase creativity and more. Both treatments involve the subconscious mind and energies. “If we can release or enhance certain energies within the body, we can then affect our thoughts and behaviours since they are all connected,” says Boëthius.

Joy 4 Life – Yoni massage and de-armouring
An ancient form of healing, yoni de-armouring is a treatment that has received some extra attention and gained popularity in the last few years. Despite the fact that the treatment is very intimate and intense, Joy 4 Life’s founder Annelie Hellström ensures the session feel both safe and professional. The treatment starts with a conversation in Hellström’s beautiful studio and clinic in the heart of Vasastan and continues with deep healing and different techniques, including shamanic massage and de-armouring of both the body and yoni upon agreement, closed with a follow-up chat. The methods are said to help with releasing blockages and tension, as well as stuck energy and emotions. The treatment also claims to help relax, release pain and increase one's sensibility and connection to the body.

Conscious Life – Shamanic healing
Getting information from and balancing our energy centres, our chakras, are two of the main purposes of a session with the lovely Annika Panotzki, Shamanic Healer and founder of one of Södermalm’s brightest gems when it comes to wellness and spirituality, Conscious Life. This method works with the subconscious mind and promotes both healing as well as guidance. After a conversation and short session with tarot cards, the treatment continues with a traditional shamanic healing in the treatment room. This is followed by a chat afterwards where Panotzki shares the guidance she received while working with the chakras and the subconscious. And before you leave, don’t forget to end the session with their delicious blends of superfood powders from One Love Generation.

Conscious Life Stockholm Sweden holistic reiki

Conscious Life works to promote guidance through shamanic healing. Photo: Conscious Life

Reikirossi – Energy womb healing
After years of experience with energy work, reiki healing, tantra and shamanism, Rosanna Irgensdotter has created her own incredible treatment combining all of the above to promote healing for the womb. The founder of Kungsholmen’s most charming studio, Reikirossi, Irgensdotter begins the treatment with a check-in and conversation before guiding visitors to the soft massage bed where she performs her intuitive healing. “Our wombs store lots of energy, emotions, and information, so getting in contact with this important organ can help many women to experience profound healing, as well as increased energy and connection to oneself and the body, and a more balanced body,” says Irgensdotter.

Remedy – Reiki, shiatsu massage, osteopathy and soul decoding
This guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Stockholm’s astonishing healing studio Remedy. The venue offers a variety of holistic treatments, such as one-on-one sessions with reiki healing, osteopathy, holistic lifestyle guiding, shiatsu massages and resilience breathwork. Additionally, a one-on-one Akashic Record Reading and intuitive soul guidance called Soul Decoding, where your soul’s mission, in both this life and past lifetimes is looked at, is another must-try.

HEAL – Craniosacral therapy
This oasis in the middle of Vasastan offers both organic skincare, facials, massages and coaching, but one of the more unique options is craniosacral therapy (CST), a gentle hands-on technique that uses light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. The founder and facilitator, Sofia Saglind, has developed her own take on CST, mixing traditional techniques with healing and intuitive guidance. “Craniosacral therapy is an alternative treatment that may prevent, treat and rehabilitate various health conditions, such as headaches, migraines and fatigue," says Saglind. "Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of wellbeing and helps bring back the body into balance and homeostasis.”