Sophia Roe's guide to 24 hours in Paris

By Clare McInerney

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet

From the best gluten-free baked goods to tucked-away vintage treasure troves, this is how to spend 24 hours in Paris – the Sophia Roe way

Featured alongside her equally design-savvy mother in Vogue Scandinavia's Dec-Jan issue, Sophia Roe is about as stylish as they come. Now, the 27-year-old content creator, fashion designer and editor lets us in on exactly how she spends 24 hours in the City of Lights while on a trip with Cartier.


While Roe is a firm fixture on the Scandinavian circuit of runway front-rows and exclusive fashion events, it's no surprised that she often frequents Paris. "It is rich in culture as well as in history, and it is inevitable not to leave feeling fuelled with inspiration and further enlightened,” Roe says of her relationship with the capital. Asked about her favourite moment in Paris, Roe responds, that “it feels impossible to pin out just one moment, but it always involves nice dinners in inspiring company. I am always feeling fortunate to spend magical moments with friends.”

While she can't pin down one specific top moment from her time in Paris, Roe has pinpointed the very best places to eat, stay and shop. Below, follow in Roe's Parisian footsteps as she shares her favourite spots (both renowned and lesser known) around the city.

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet

Starting the day right

There's nothing quite like waking up to the happy realisation that you have a day ahead of you in Paris. For Roe, that morning bliss will likely take place in a hotel suite of one of Roe's favourite hotels, L'hotel in Saint Germain, which she describes as the “epitome of French décor”. “It was the first boutique hotel in the city and housed Oscar Wilde, it's very historic,”. Hotel Amour is anther favourite of hers. "It's lively and the rooms are personally decorated with well-curated vintage furniture,” is Roe's endorsement.

When it comes to dressing, Roe has a simple sartorial formula for what makes it into the suitcase. “The way I dress is unchanged wherever I go,” she explains. “I love mixing my feminine dresses with a well-patinated vintage leather jacket with a masculine silhouette. Never leaving without black jeans and a perfectly fitted T-shirt packed for an effortless daytime look.”

The first stop of the day? A boulangerie, of course. Roe's pick is a gluten-free favourite, Copains. But oftentimes, she will indulge in “coffee accompanied with eggs – French style – in my hotel room.”

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet

A generous dose of culture and shopping

Now's the time to take notes. There is no shortage of galleries and museums in Paris, but Roe astutely narrows down the creme of the crop to two spots. "Musée D’art Moderne de Paris for furniture and Musée de L’Orangerie for an (almost) serene moment with Monet," she shares.

When it comes to shopping, Roe's preference is vintage, at treasure troves that are off the beaten track. “After an afternoon stroll in Saint German, I head to Preclothed on the seventh floor of Printemps. Hausmann on the ninth floor of Printemps has a beautifully curated selection of vintage pieces too.”

For lunch, Roe's recommendation is Chéz Georges. “It's as classic French as it gets,” she says. When asked about any secret tips, Galerie 54 is Roe's revelation. “It's a modernist gem housing iconic and rare furniture of Perriand, Le Corbusier, Mallet-Stevens and Jeannet. A great source of inspiration.”

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet

Easing into the evening

A pre-dinner drink is a must for Roe. “The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz always seems like the perfect escape for a glass of bubbles and honed cocktails. Or Harry’s Bar for a dry martini or a Bloody Mary, usually followed by late hours at the Piano Bar downstairs.”

Roe's favourite way to round off a day in Paris? "Tucked up in bed getting my beauty sleep. though it never seems to really end up that way,” she laughs. Whether preparing for beauty sleep or a big night on the town, dîner is an essential. "I usually head to Restaurant Voltaire by the Seine, Early June for natural wine and a casual dinner, or Paul Bert for classic French fare.”

Sophia Roe carries the C de Cartier bag. Photo: Lola Banet