Honorary Scandinavian Lily Collins confirms 'Emily in Paris' season 4 is finally on its way

By Radhika Seth

Photo: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Here’s everything we know so far about the titular marketing executive’s upcoming adventures in the French capital

In a nutshell:

Following yet another cliffhanger ending, Netflix confirmed that Emily Cooper will be remaining in the French capital for a fourth season of love triangles, retina-searing outfits, and show-stopping musical numbers – and it’s now finally in production.


Who will be in the cast of 'Emily in Paris' season 4?

Lily Collins and Ashley Park will return as Emily and Mindy, presumably alongside the show’s other stalwarts: Camille Razat (Camille), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Samuel Arnold (Julien), and Bruno Gouery (Luc). However, a question remains over the fate of Lucien Laviscount’s Alfie – the actor was promoted to a series regular last season, but his character stormed off in the final episode of the third installment, seemingly marking the end of his on-again-off-again relationship with Emily.

Darren Star, Emily in Paris’s creator, hinted at Alfie’s future in a 2022 interview with Deadline, saying: “I don’t think romantically he is in the picture [anymore]. I don’t think that [takes] Alfie out of the show. He certainly has a reason to be in Paris, and he’s working with Gabriel. I feel like all of our characters are still connected, just in a more complicated way.”

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

What will be the plot of 'Emily in Paris' season 4?

While Star hasn’t revealed specific plot points for Season 4, he did give fans a taste of what they can expect in his interview with Deadline. Of Emily’s relationship with Gabriel, he said: “I think that a big question to think about [in] the next season is, Emily didn’t come to Paris for romance, she came for a job, and I think they’re both in a different, more mature place in their lives, Emily and Gabriel, and definitely a more complicated place.” He added that the pair and Gabriel’s ex Camille would, in all likelihood, continue to co-exist, and perhaps even remain in the same building. “They are all involved in each other’s lives, they are friends, they work together,” he continued. “They’re all very much tied together. But I just think there were some big unforeseen complications here, especially for Emily. And perhaps Emily-Gabriel is not meant to be, at least in the immediate future.”

Star also stated that we could see more of Camille’s former lover Sofia (Melia Kreiling), and will almost certainly be seeing more of Sylvie’s husband Laurent (Arnaud Binard). The theme of Season 4, he added, would be “how to balance business and toxic relationships, because that’s going to be happening with a lot of our characters.” And as for Mindy, who is dating Nico (Paul Forman) but due to perform at Eurovision with her ex Benoît (Kevin Dias)? “Both will be in her life,” confirmed Star. “I don’t know what the details of filming are but I think that our plan is to go to Eurovision next season. We’re all set up for it.” We can hardly wait.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

And there’s another trip on the cards, too. On June 17, 2023, Netflix released an announcement video featuring Lily Collins, in which the actor said: “While Emily’s heart will always stay true to Paris, her life takes some unexpected twists this season. Don’t be surprised to find her on a Roman holiday.” We can hardly wait.

When is the release date for 'Emily in Paris' season 4?

Netflix has yet to confirm a release date, but on January 19, 2024, revealed that the show is now back in production. This suggests that the next installment should land on the streaming service later this year.

Will there be more seasons of 'Emily in Paris'?

It looks like it, yes. When asked by Deadline if Season 4 will be the show’s final chapter, Star replied, “I definitely think the show has a life beyond next season. There’s no end in sight until everybody feels like it’s time to end.” Cue jubilation from fans.

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