3 things Lily Collins got up to during her Northern Lights adventure

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: @lilyjcollins

Vogue Scandinavia's former digital cover star is continuing conquering the Nordics — here's the scoop on her latest expedition...

Lily Collins' long-time love affair with Scandinavia continues. We've been witnessing her journey to becoming a bonafide Copenhagener, the Emily in Paris star has now ventured to northern Sweden to partake in quintessentially Nordic activities. As seen on her Instagram, the actress, together with husband Charlie McDowell and some friends, travelled up north to Swedish Lapland on a quest to witness some of the most magical experiences the Nordic nature can offer: the Northern Lights.


Below, three things Collins got up to during her great adventure.


Lily braves Ice bathing

“The most intense Swedish winter wake-up call. I can’t believe I lived to tell the tale…” Collins writes in her Instagram caption. The wake-up call she refers to is ice bathing, which the star – being a true Scandi now – combined with making some snow angels while being half-dressed, naturally. Taking cold plunges in the frozen lake or the sea is a Nordic winter tradition as old as time, and it has multiple health benefits, such as boosting circulation, reducing inflammation and swelling and helping to prevent injuries.


Staying at one of the (literal) coolest hotels in Sweden

From Collins’ posts, sharp-eyed followers can conclude that the group stayed at the Icehotel, a popular resort nestled in the stunning Jukkasjärvi area. The hotel is famous for being the first-ever to craft hotel rooms entirely out of huge blocks of ice (yes, this is a thing in the Nordics), and it’s become a very sought-after destination for tourists looking to spice up their stay. The Icehotel also offers various alternative lodging options, such as traditional hotel rooms and chalets – it remains unclear which Collins and her entourage opted for.


Gazing at the Northern Lights

Yes, Collins’ quest was a success: with a sighting of the breathtaking Northern Lights in action. “This past weekend 4 friends and a baby took 2 flights on a mission to accomplish a #1 on our bucket lists while wearing 7 layers in -15 degrees Celsius. Well, mission accomplished, hearts extremely full, and minds truly blown!…” she writes on her Instagram photo dump, featuring a romantic moment under the glow of the Aurora, alongside a snapshot of their gleeful group. We’re definitely excited to follow where Collins’ epic Scandinavian adventures take her next…