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The 13 most Instagrammable places in Iceland

By Nanna Gunnars

Photo: Getty

As Iceland tops the list of the safest places in the world to live in, take a tour of the most picturesque spots around the island – they might just tempt you to get packing

It’s pretty much impossible to leave Iceland without having a few dozen instagram-worthy pictures in your pocket. Reykjavík is filled with exciting street art, colourful houses and mouth-watering food and drinks. And if you venture outside of the city then wherever you turn your head there’s a new waterfall, hot spring, fjord, mountain or a glacier to try to capture with your camera.

As an added bonus, add the endless golden hour and pink skies during the midnight sun in summertime, or a dash of northern-lights or snow covered landscapes in wintertime. Here are just a few locations to get you started, in anti-clockwise order from Reykjavík when driving around the country.