Digital Covers

Martina Bonnier heralds the launch of Vogue Scandinavia's first digital cover in her editor's letter

By Martina Bonnier

Get to know the story behind our inaugural digital cover

Put down your book, turn off the TV and stop everything that you are doing – we’ve got b-i-g news to share with you. And pssst, you’re actually the first to hear it, so you’ll want to take note. Our first ever digital cover launch is here and we can’t wait to show you who it is. And because just one cover star was simply not enough, we’re bringing you five digital cover stars in the cast of Young Royals’ Omar, Edvin, Malte, Nikita and Frida.


So grab a chair (and a glass) and join the dinner party with all five of them at Bar Hommage, the hip Södermalm joint where we shot the energetic, and admittedly boisterous, lot. Hear them lift the lid on their journey to stardom, on set chemistry, forging lifelong friendships and battling the fear of Insta followers.

Subscribe here to read the unmissable interview with the stars of the Netflix smash hit, plus watch our digital cover stars battle it out over a high-stakes game of charades, and enjoy reams of other Young Royals content as we hype ourselves up for the forthcoming season. So not only can you now choose from six exclusive print magazines – which have featured the likes of Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale and not forgetting Elsa Hosk – but the Vogue Scandinavia universe now offers six new digital covers annually. So, it’s your usual subscription, just a little – well, a whole lot, actually – better.

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