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Exclusive video: Detention with Young Royals

By Vogue Scandinavia

Photo: Kristian Bengtsson

Step inside the classroom with the cast of Young Royals, as detention takes a turn...

At the fictional boarding school Hillerska of Young Royals, students are likely to spend detention with the traditional punishment of writing lines. But at the schoolhouse of Skansen, a historic treasure 15 miles outside of the city, Professor Malte does things a little differently.


We’re at Väla School, established by a couple - Mr & Mrs Hellsjö - in 1910. Here, students learned scripture, reading, spelling and arithmetic amongst the maps, illustrations and harmonium. Now, over 100 years later, the space is now open to the public as part of the Skansen open-air museum.

But back to detention. With wayward pupils Edvin, Nikita and Omar - in his iconic purple hoodie, no less - detention means charades. The chalkboard become a scoreboard, and the games commence. Professor Malte goes from supervisor to competitor, and our classmates’ performances become lively double acts.

Who will take the trophy?

Video by : Kristian Bengtsson
Producer : Kornelia Eklund
1st AC : Margarita Sheremet
Gaffer : Fredrik Persson
Best Boy : Joel Sundqvist
Sound : Rosanna Gunnarssson @ Luftskeppet
Costume : Sara Forsberg
Costume Assistant : Mibo Huyhn
Hair & Makeup : Alice Lönnblad
Hair & Makeup Assistant : Nina Gahrén
Sound mix - Daniel Rosenqvist